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Dr Eric Taylor Woods

Senior Lecturer in Sociology

Social Sciences

Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Sociology and Programme Leader for the BA (Hons) Sociology.

    I’m a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Sociology and Programme Leader for the BA (Hons) Sociology. My teaching responsibilities include courses cultural sociology, social theory and nationalism. In addition to my roles at UEL, I also serve as Editor-in-Chief of The State of Nationalism: An International Review of the Study of Nationalism, and as an editor of the journals Cultural Sociology and Nations and Nationalism. I’m also a Faculty Fellow of the Yale Center for Cultural Sociology and a member of the Scientific Council of the Belgium-based research group, National Movements and Intermediary Structures in Europe.


    My research encompasses cultural, historical and political sociology, with particular interests in nationalism, imperialism and the politics of memory. Until recently, I have tended to focus on these phenomena as they relate to Canada. Lately, I’ve become interested in former imperial states such as Britain, and the struggles over national identity that arise after the loss of empire.

    My most recent book, A Cultural Sociology of Anglican Mission and the Indian Residential Schools in Canada: The Long Road To Apology, traces a long-running struggle within Canadian Anglicanism over the meaning of its civilising mission to the indigenous peoples of Canada, and its efforts to construct a postcolonial identity and embark on a process of reconciliation.



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    • 2014-2017. State of Nationalism Project Grant, NISE [Principal Investigator] €36,000
    • 2013. Early Career Research Accelerator Grant, UEL [Principal Investigator] £5,000
    • 2010. Conference Support Fund, British Academy [co-investigator] £5,000
    • 2006. Project Grant, Partnerships for Tomorrow Program, Association of Colleges and Universities of Canada [Principal Investigator] $5,000





    Politics of Memory

    Collective Trauma

    Collective Identity




    Thinking Sociologically, SC4002, Module Leader
    The New Cultural Sociology: Taking Culture Seriously, SC6020, Module Leader


    Theorising Modernity, SC7004, Module Leader