The UEL Alumni Network is for all graduates of the University of East London. We welcome members from all around the world and  provide opportunities for  engagement with the university even after graduation day.

Alumni benefits

Once you graduate and become part of our Alumni Network, our Alumni team is responsible for keeping in touch with you. The team provides services and benefits that are accessible to all our graduates, making sure what we offer remains relevant and useful, no matter where you are in the world or what path you are pursuing.

As a member of UEL Alumni Network, you can access a number of  benefits  including: 

  • the Alumni Network Passport swipe card, giving you access to libraries, reduced rate room hire and more
  • a free subscription to our monthly e-newsletter and yearly magazine
  • invitations to  events
  • use of social media sites
  • access to our dedicated networking portal  UEL Connect

You can also access offers from both UEL and our partner companies.

You could play an active role in the Network by becoming an Alumni Ambassador or becoming a part of the Alumni Advisory Board. 



    Our graduates are based in over 135 countries


    We have over 85,000 graduates on record


    Over 4100 graduates signed up and using UEL Connect

    Stay in touch

    We need your up-to-date contact details so we can  let you know the latest news and offers.

    You can update your contact details online .

    Once you provide the team with  contact details, you can rest assured that we take the collecting, storing and management of your data very seriously.  We only collect data that helps us continue to provide you with the services that we believe are beneficial to you after you have graduated.

    For more details on how we use and store your information in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018, please read the UEL Alumni Fair Processing Notice .


    If you're looking for exposure to people from different countries, people who bring a different outlook to your own, people who bring a sense of maturity, UEL is the place for you, it's a fantastic place to study.

    Firoz Patel

    BA International Development with NGO Management, 2006

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