Career coaching 

Whether you're at the beginning or end of your UEL journey it's never too soon or too late to take the opportunity to meet with a Career Coach to discuss tailored employability support. 


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    How can our career coaches support you?

      Workshops and events

      Our workshops and events are designed to help you gain knowledge and insights about finding a job, applying for relevant work, developing key skills and progressing in your career. 

      Current students can sign up to attend a workshop or event via the Career Zone.

      1 to 1 Appointments and Drop In Sessions

      1 to1 appointments will give you 30 minutes to talk to a Careers Coach about your specific careers questions.

      Drop In sessions will give you 15 minutes to ask any career related questions and will be organised at different times throughout the year.

      Appointments and drop ins can be booked through the Career Zone.

      We can help you with a range of careers topics and some examples are mentioned below:

      • Writing winning CVs
      • Understanding what to include in a cover letters
      • Applying for jobs
      • Finding employment of any kind including part time jobs, full time jobs, internships and graduate jobs
      • Preparing for interviews
      • Psychometric tests
      • Assessment centres
      • Understanding what you can do with your degree
      • Career planning
      • Exploring further study options

      A look into coaching with Career Zone


      The Career Zone Mentoring team offer a wide range of experiences to suit your personal and professional development needs.

      What we do

      Mentoring is a relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person.

      This is achieved through our Mentoring experiences:

      • Professional Mentoring
      • Student Mentoring
      • Events


      How can mentoring support your future career?

      Support from Day 1

      Our aim is to support a student’s journey from day 1:  to grow confidence, raise aspirations, achieve career clarity and develop skills that are valued by prospective employers.

      Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a push in the right direction.

      -John C. Crosby

      Professional Mentoring Programme

      The Professional Mentoring Programme is a 1-2-1 programme where mentors and mentees meet for a minimum of 4 hours over an 8 week period.

      Mentors are experts in their sector and have developed a significant amount of personal and professional knowledge and our mentors are here to share their experiences with our students. 

      The programme exists to support student growth and connect them to the professional environment. It allows students to graduate with career clarity and transition into the world of work with ease.

      Students and Professional Mentors are given full training before starting.

      Benefits of Professional Mentoring for students:

      • Equipping students with a toolkit of employability skills
      •  Development of a Professional goals
      • Understanding about the sector
      • Support and Creation of a bespoke Career Action Plan
      • Growth of a Professional Network


      Mentoring allowed me to find myself within university and learn how to work with people and help me develop mechanisms to help my social anxiety.

      It also allowed me to develop many employability skills such as communication and teamwork.

      Moreover, I was able to learn how to organise myself and others while following requirements. I am in a better position because of Mentoring.

      -Magdalena Zocholl, Graduate of BA Fashion Textiles, Professional Mentee

      Student Mentoring Programme

      The Student Mentoring Programmes offers new students at foundation or 1st year, the chance to spend time with an experienced 2nd or 3rd year student.

      Our Student Mentors will offer new students study skills support and a friend during your time transitioning into university. 

      Benefits of Student Mentoring for Mentees:

      • A friend to support you during your transition to university
      • Gain practical advice from a student who has experience
      • Develop study skills strategies to support your own learning
      • Benefits of Student Mentoring for Mentors
      • Development of core employability skills
      • Practical experience to support future job applications
      • Development of social and emotional intelligence


      I believe everyone at university needs to be a Student Mentor as the experience can help you find yourself as a person.

      When you start university, it can be a crazy new place and be too overwhelming.

      I wanted to be there to support the new students to help them receive the support I had.

      - Usman Shafi, Graduate of BEng Civil Engineering, Student Mentor


      Our one off mentoring networking events will connect you with professionals in your sector.

      Our experts will stop by to advise you about potential career paths.

      Students will have the opportunity to ask questions, interact and learn from these professionals so that they can get the most out of the university experience and go on to graduate, top of the class!

      These events are all available virtually and recorded so you can playback as many times as you like.


      Mentoring provides a valuable resource for students as the programme provides a safe environment for students to articulate questions and concerns about their future career.

      More importantly these events empower students to take-on a self-help approach to life in general. It’s a winning cycle. In our sessions we put together a strategy, discussed potential scenarios and how to manage expectations.

      -Raki Kotak, Community Hub Advisor at Southwark Council, Professional Mentor


      Through the 12 months being on the Professional Mentoring Programme with my team, two of the mentors have received promotions and displayed greater job satisfaction.

      I truly believe this is through the mentoring team providing a platform for our staff to showcase professional skills for the benefit of the students.

      -Rachel Langley, Head of Projects and Operations at Signature Recruitment, Professional Mentor

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