Volunteering is about developing transferable skills and gaining practical experience.

Volunteering gives students opportunities to enhance their employability and their resilience for a changing world of work.  It prepares students for their own graduate careers or business endeavours.

The Volunteering team work with a range of charitable and not-for-profit organisations, who host students for volunteering. This is a great way to build experience and find out about other sectors.

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Volunteering Opportunities

Accessing opportunities on Career Zone

The Career Zone - holds details of a wide range of volunteering opportunities offered by several different organisations, a wide range of tasks, different durations from a few hours in a one-off activity to regular hours over some months in an organisation.

Success Tip: Be open to checking out roles that you think might not apply to you. An animal charity might need a creative design volunteer, and a health charity might want a marketing volunteer - look through the details of the volunteering opportunity and surprise yourself!

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