Our research is participatory, inclusive, empowering, and impactful by design. It is driven by an urgent need to find long-lasting solutions to significant local and global challenges. 

By actively seeking collaboration, we develop partnerships with local government and community organisations to explore and address challenges, issues and concerns as articulated by our community partners. We encourage their active participation and inclusion during the development and delivery of research projects, emphasising collaboration to deliver sustainable problem-solving.  

Our focus on communities lies not only in East London but also abroad: we are working with governments, universities and NGOs in countries currently including India, Zambia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Brazil.  

We have selected a range of research highlights which demonstrate our strategy, our strengths and approaches and our commitment to engaging communities locally and globally.  

The UN Sustainable Development Goals

UEL is working hard with our collaborators to help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. The Goals are 17 urgent calls-to-action to create a fairer, better world for the future.  

In the 2021 Times Higher Education Impact rankings, UEL was rated in the top 3% for striving for Goal 5 - Gender Equality and the top 10% for Goal 10 - Reducing Inequalities, out of 1,117 institutions from 94 countries.  

Our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

Impact Highlights

Kicking Out Covid-19

UEL's Institute of Connected Communities has worked closely with communities across the world. In response to the  Covid-19 crisis, their results have come into sharp focus in the fight against the pandemic.  

Action group in Zambia
People in group wearing face masks from Kick out Covid 19 team

Giving Volume to Voices

Our work with and for disabled people covers a wide range of subjects from developing software tools for self-advocacy, to pioneering education and life goal support for people with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy or staging neurodivergence in the performing arts.

See how we are giving volume to voices
People working in engineering

Turning The World into Art

UEL is home to artists and creative thinkers. Our artists have been featured across the globe and their art reflects both the world as it is and the world as it could be.  

Works by our artists
Art student painting

Clinics for the Community

At UEL, we like to ensure that our projects benefit more than just our research. Through our legal, accountancy and mediation clinics, we provide both invaluable advice to community members and unique experiences for our students.  

Read about our clinics
Women sitting next to each other looking at laptop

Living Art in Newham

UEL is deeply connected to our Newham community. Our performing artists have been working with the local community to bring theatre, dance, and installation art to unusual venues throughout the borough.  

Our performance art projects
Newham music students performing