Annual Reports and Financial Statements

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Board of Governors' Vacancies

The University would welcome expressions of interest for Independent Members on the Board of Governors. 

We will be receiving applications up until 30 April 2022.

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Board of Governors

Here you can find information about the Board of Governors and its committees, and news about the work that Governors are doing on behalf of UEL.

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Accessibility Statement

UEL is committed to high levels of digital accessibility as part of its support for equality of opportunity and treatment in its learning community.

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External Examiner System

External Examiners play a vital role in the maintenance of academic standards, ensuring that assessment processes are conducted fairly, in accordance with our academic framework and without prejudice to any student.

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UEL Privacy Statement

UEL recognises that personal privacy is an important issue, and our website practices are in compliance with all relevant UK legislation.

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Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Unit exists to provide services to all staff and ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone who works, studies or visits UEL.

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Policies, Regulations And Corporate Documents

General policies, health and safety unit, human resources, student policies, research policies and more

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Student Complaint Procedure

‌Integral to our University's approach to the monitoring and enhancement of all aspects of its operation are students' views.

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