Courses for careers

At the University of East London, we go beyond a traditional education.

Our teaching focuses on the complete person, offering a personalised and flexible approach that takes account of your career-readiness, wellbeing and soft skills, as well as traditional academic tuition.

Career Focused Education

Your career is our priority. We've made a lot of innovations and worked alongside industry partners like Amazon to create a Virtual Learning Environment that puts students in charge - you can access modules whenever and wherever you need to.

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Personalised journey

We recognise each student has different skills, commitments and priorities. We want to support you to achieve your goals.

Ultimately, your educational experience is tailored to you - you'll have clarity on your timetabling and learning objectives, dedicated academic and careers support, access to wellbeing services, help with fees and funding, and opportunities to thrive with volunteering, sport and fitness coaching, industry networking and much more.

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Flexible study

Customise your learning experience to fit your needs, aspirations and circumstances. You can study full-time or part-time as well as in person and online and flex between your choices as needed. Many of our courses also offer placements, internships or  apprenticeships which give you industry experience alongside your degree.

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What we offer

Our teaching model consists of several components that add up to a complete education – use the links below to explore the ways we help you achieve your goals.

Teaching Innovation

The world of work is changing. Do you have what it takes to keep up? We've designed our degree programmes to include essential skills to help you adapt, embrace change and show potential employers that you are fit for the careers of the future. Our Professional Fitness and Mental Wealth programme develops your emotional, cultural and cognitive intelligence alongside digital skills, communication, resilience and entrepreneurship.

Find out more about our unique Professional Fitness and Mental Wealth module.

Beyond Academic Skills

Grow and develop beyond the classroom with our enrichment programme. We give you access to sports in our fantastic SportsDock facility, co-curricular activities, clubs, societies, volunteering and much more. We also have a dedicated Career Zone where you can prepare for your career and benefit from access to ready-made network of employers, alumni and industry partners.

Find out more about our Career Zone service.

Clarity and collaboration

We encourage an educational experience that is active, social, collaborative, engaging and student-owned. Work alongside your tutor to create your ideal timetable and set clear goals so you can really make the most of your time, both at home and on campus.

Find out more about our innovative personalised education approach.

Complete support

At the University of East London, we will support you throughout your educational journey from application to graduation and beyond. Our focus is on your personal and professional development and we have different teams that know exactly how to help with specific issues including academic, financial and personal.

Find out more about how  we support you through your studies and beyond.