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Mr David Bara

Senior Lecturer of Special Needs

Education Studies

I am a link tutor and module leader on the ICEPE MA SEND.

  • ED 1.10, Stratford Campus
    School of Education and Communities
    Stratford Campus
    Water Lane
    E15 4LZ
    I am a former SEND teacher and have work with many types of special needs children including those with cancer, special needs and mental health issues. I have developed analytical skills, observational skills and developed systems in order to produce successful systems outcomes for the service/end users. My research focuses around paediatric oncological including but not limited to the late effects of cancer, mental issues on all family members, the impact on siblings and rehabilitation issues facing the family.

    BA (Hons) Managing Business Information. PGCE. MEd


    .I am currently conducting research into the quality of life issues of children and their families.


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    Play in Healthcare: an Insider's Perspective

    Bara D. 2018. Paediatric FOAMed.

    The Hidden Cost of Cancer: The Siblings' Story, A mother's Narrative on How Three of her Children Journeyed Through Their 14-Year-Old Sister's 9-Month Journey From Ill Health to Death and Beyond

    Bara D. 2018. Illness, Crisis & Loss - Sage.

    In My Hours of Need, I Was Robbed of My Family, Friends, Beliefs and Education. A Mother's Narrative on Her 14-Year-Old Daughter's 9-Month Journey From Ill Health to Death

    Bara D . 2017. Illness, Crisis & Loss - Sage.

    Understanding the rehabilitation issues facing paediatric neuro-oncology patients and survivors, the parents' perspective’
    Neuro-oncology; Online ISSN: 1523-5866 Print ISSN: 1522-8517  



    Childhood cancer, special needs 

    My core research is the issues and impact surrounding child and young people's cancer(CYP), from this core I explore education and public health matters that arise from this including the impact on the CYP, their siblings, parents and grandparents.



    MA SEND distant learning