The Omnibus Learning Gain Study is a 3 year HEFCE funded project led by UEL in conjunction with Brunel and Roehampton Universities. This study is looking at the learning experience of students - beyond their final degree result - by measuring and showcasing development in knowledge, skills, work-readiness and personal development. This project is one of 13 studies being funded by HEFCE.

Aims of study

The aim of this study is to help gain a better understanding of the quality and impact of higher education, to highlight the learning gain of students, and to develop very practical learning gain tools to help improve student retention, attainment and engagement across a diverse learner community and subject base.

Getting involved

To enable this study to incorporate a wide range of students we are talking to academics and students alike via face to face, online, social media and events, to ensure we are showcasing the diverse learning gain experiences of students across the three universities.

Based on pilot data already undertaken within the universities we are developing a short survey for students to undertake twice during each academic year. The survey will aim to gain a fuller understanding of learner journeys by asking questions on personal development, cognition and confidence in learning situations.

To further develop and expand on survey data we are also aiming to conduct interviews and focus groups with students at key points throughout their time at the three universities.

What we aim to deliver

Throughout the course of the study we aim to produce periodic academic papers, conference presentations, dissemination events to staff and students and to engage with academics, students and higher education professionals across a diverse range of social media platforms.

More information

For more information on this project please read our Project Information Sheet and to find out how we are accessing and using student data please read our Data Information Sheet.