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Dr Richard Courtney

Head of Department Business, Entreprenurship and Finance

Department of Business , Royal Docks School of Business and Law

I head up the Business, Entrepreneurship, and Finance Department, where I provide leadership to over 40 academic staff, oversee our academic offer at all levels, and work to implement our Vision 2028 strategy into everything will do at a departmental level. 


  • BSc Sociology
  • MSc Social Research
  • PhD

Areas Of Interest

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Cultural Economy
  • Cultural Heritage/Identity
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I am a Business and Management academic with specialisms in Entrepreneurship, Higher Education, and Public Management, and Cultural Management. I have worked with English Heritage, the Heritage Lottery Fund, and provided consultancy for the National Trust on issues of Englishness, Identity, and community engagement methodologies.

I have held posts at the University of Leicester, Nottingham Trent University, and Coventry University, where I have developed a number of entrepreneurship course and an entrepreneurial curriculum that works with employers and organizations looking to promote enterprising skills in graduates. 


I am interested in research on the efficacy of entrepreneurial education and policy, especially around the Arts and Creative Economy.

Most recent research:

  • ESRC seminar series entitled: 'New Institutional Imperatives: The Third Mission & the Contemporary University' - value £13,880 (ES/I002774/1)
  • AHRC Research Development Award, entitled: 'Building Shared Heritages: Cultural Diversity in Leicester' - value £20,102 (AH/J013676/1)
  • AHRC Community Heritage Follow-up Grant, entitled: 'Building and Enriching Shared Heritages: A Toolkit for Community Organizations' - value £52,143.83 (AH/K007661/1)
  • AHRC Development Grant, entitled: 'How should decisions about heritage be made?': Co-designing a research project -  value £124,130.00 (AH/K006754/1)


Most recent publications

  • Courtney, R. A., (2017), Network Governance in the Heritage Ecology, Journal of Management & Governance, pp1-17,
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  • Quinn, M., and Courtney, R. A., (2016), The Public Sector as an Entrepreneur? In Liddle, J., (ed) (2016), Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Research Volume 6.
  • Courtney, R. A., (2013), The Contentedness of a Contentless Englishness, In: Context – the magazine of the Institute of Historic Building Conservation, No 137.
  • Courtney, R. A., (2013), Book Review: Nationalism and the Moral Psychology of Community by Bernhard Yack, In: Ethnic and Racial Studies, Vol 37, No 5, pp 874-5.
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  • Vorley, T., Mould, O., and Courtney, R. A., (2012) 'My Network is Not Working: Conceptualising the latent and dysfunctional dimensions of the network paradigm'. In: Economic Geography, Vol 88, No 1. Pp 77-96.
  • Courtney, R. A., (2011) 'This is Our Island: Multiple class heritage or ethnic solidarities?' In: Smith, L., Shackel, P., and Campbell, G., (eds) (2011), Heritage, Labour and the working classes. London: Routledge.


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Strategic Management