Aurore Julien

Dr Aurore Julien

Senior Lecturer

Department of Architecture & Visual Arts , School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering

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I am a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Design at the School of Architecture in the University of East London. I have 17 years' experience as a consultant in environmental sustainability for buildings.

I also provide Green Building design courses for Green Building Councils around Europe, am an Environmental Assessor for festivals and outdoor events, and occasionally give lectures at the UCL.


My research interests relate to sustainability, green buildings and energy use. I am also interested in events environmental sustainability.


Selected Publications

  • Julien A., Barratt M., Croxford B., (2011). Rapid Energy Savings in London's Households to Mitigate an Energy Crisis, BECC Conference 2011, Washington.
  • Julien A. (2014). Rapid Energy Savings in London's Households to Mitigate an Energy Crisis, PhD Thesis, University College London, UK.
  • Julien A., Hamilton, I., Croxford, B., (2014). Environmental Masterplanning: Defining an Integrated Approach, In Carmona, M., Explorations in Urban Design, An Urban Design Research Primer, Ashgate, Bartlett School of Planning, UCL, London, pp. pp. 135 - 143.
  • Darby, S.J., Griffin, P.W., Julien, A., Killip, G., Morton, C., and Summerfield, A. (2014) Demand Reduction - Synthesis of Findings from the UKERC Phase 2 Demand Theme, 2009-2013 (Working Paper). UKERC Report UKERC/WP/ED/2014/001. UKERC: London

Selected Conferences and Talks

  • Debate secondment and presentation and for the UKERC Annual Assembly 2011 29 June to 1 July, and 2013 University of Warwick, UK.
  • Conference talk at the "BECC (Behavior, Energy and Climate Change)" conference, 30 November to 2 December 2011, Washington, USA.
  • Conference talk at the International Conference on Affordable Sustainable Housing 2013, Procure, Produce, Perform - 7 January 2013, Sheffield School of Architecture (SSoA), UK.
  • Conference talk at the RGS-IBG Mid-term Conference 2013: Geographical Transitions, 25-27 March 2013, University of Birmingham, UK