Computer Science

Our research work is renowned in the UK and across the world, and we have developed partnerships so we can transfer our knowledge to a range of industrial, commercial, policy-making and government departments. As a result, our work has a major impact on IT products and services. We're also improving public awareness of the social, political and financial impact of information and communication technologies.

Here's a quick overview of some of our research:


Research in Engineering at UEL is undertaken as per four research groups to build upon our areas of strength, maximise research potential of researchers and foster synergy among groups. 

Connected Devices and Systems aims to develop novel devices and systems for building future environments with higher connectivity, for good health and improving quality of life.  

In Innovative Materials and Construction Systems, research is undertaken for development of innovative materials and construction systems towards betterment of the current construction practice, quality of life and the environment.

In Flood Risk Monitoring and Mapping research topics include coastal and river engineering, prevention mechanisms for tsunamis, storm surges and high waves; advanced algorithms for processing survey data and flood risk management; and performance assessment of deteriorating infrastructures and flood risk management with stochastic modelling, improving reliability and optimising maintenance.

The Sustainable Urban Built Environment group carry out research into novel and innovative solutions for climate change, resources, environmental degradation.

Art and Design

Energised by our location in a thriving and historically significant area of London's docklands, our researchers in art and design are internationally renowned practitioners and theorists who are committed to both engagement with local communities and fostering relationships beyond the academy. Supported by a dedicated technical team and with access to state-of-the-art technologies, our artists and designers produce work in sculpture and installation, painting, film, video and animation that are exhibited globally, as well as critical and historical studies which engage with art as a social practice. Our flagship Professional Doctorate in Fine Art offers students the opportunity to develop their professional practice in a vibrant environment, supported by world-leading artists and thinkers. We foster a culture of debate and critique in which established researchers and doctoral candidates come together to collaborate on diverse and exciting projects which push the boundaries of what art can be.

Whilst shaped by our East London locality, our research engages globally across the 21st century industrialised cityscapes and managed landscapes. As impact drives our research, we operate on the basis that traditional boundaries between disciplines are wholly transparent because genuinely sustainable outcomes require the integration of social, environmental and resource-based actions to re-define environment, place and living space, maximising social return on research investment within the context of a climate emergency. The strength of our research comes from the fact that we work through partnerships across disciplines both within UEL (environmental science, materials science, architecture, landscape, social science, engineering, fine and performing arts) and beyond.