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College of Professional Services

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About us

The college of Professional Services is home to the schools of Business and Law, and Cass School of Education and Communities. Both schools stand for teaching excellence, industry connections and real-world relevance. Many courses within the college hold professional accreditation where applicable.


Royal Docks School of Business and Law

At the school of Business and Law we teach in a way that ensures you're ready for the world of work when you graduate, with the skills that employers need and the confidence to follow your own path. Our courses are rooted in practical experience, internships, case studies, workshops, guest lectures and business tours, but we also equip you with the tools to think strategically, creatively and critically.

Cass School of Education and Communities

Cass School of Education and Communities is a highly successful provider of education, early childhood, special needs, social work and teacher training programmes. We also play a key role in the provision of education services and professional development throughout east London and beyond. We promote a strong research culture, building on our reputation for innovation within education and communities.

Our department of Social Work and Social Sciences sits within the school and enables students to explore key issues surrounding Brexit, globalisation, leadership, migration, individual wellbeing, and the future.

We offer collaborative partnerships and professional practice partnerships to benefit our students and external partners. Find out more about working with CASS.


Royal Docks School of Business and Law                    

Dean of School: Prof. Mohammad Ali

School Manager: Suzanne McDonald

Deputy School Manager: Caroline Purcell

Departmental Officer: Hinna Kazmi

Apprentice School Administrator: Faran Shaheen

Accounting, Finance and Economics staff:

Agyemang-Badu, Kwabena – Lecturer
Ambe, Emmanuel – Lecturer
Ahmed, Dabir Uddin – Senior Lecturer
Boahen, Eric Owusu – Senior Lecturer
Butt, Shazaib – Lecturer
Chan, Tat Lung (Ron) – Senior Lecturer
Duong, Chau – Programme Leader, BA Accounting and Finance
Elfeituri, Hatem – Lecturer 
Fouskas, Vassilis K – Professor, Director of STAMP
Lai, Baoying – Lecturer
Maharaj, Jassodra – Senior Lecturer
Olatubosun, Olaposi – Senior Lecturer
Osinubi, Igbekele Sunday – Lecturer
Preddie, Beverley – Lecturer
Roy-Mukherjee, Shampa – Senior Lecturer
Shabani, Mimoza - Lecturer
Tapuwa Mabvira, Lazarus – MBA Director
Udeogu, Ejike – Lecturer

Business and Marketing staff: 

Adisa, Toyin – Lecturer
Abinusawa, Dayo – Senior Lecturer
Al-Abdulrazak, Rula – Senior Lecturer 
Aluko, Akinseye – Lecturer
Boocock, Andrew – Senior Lecturer
Garvin, Wilma – Senior Lecturer
Gbadamosi, Ayantunji – Senior Lecturer
Hayes, John Paul – Senior Lecturer
Kelly, Aidan – Senior Lecturer
Kypuram, Jaya – Senior Lecturer
Mingazova, Dilara - Lecturer
Naghieh, Ali – Senior Lecturer
Olagundoye  Ann – Professor/Reader, Programme Leader, BSc Business Management
Okoya, Olajumoke – Lecturer
Page-Tickell, Rebecca – Programme Lecturer
Raszewski, Slawomir – Lecturer
Sandland, Stephanie – Senior Lecturer
Unhale, Manish – Senior Lecturer

Adam Doyle – Head of Department, Law and Criminology 

Criminology staff:

Choak, Clare – Programme Leader
Davidson, Julia – Professor of Criminology
Anthony Gunter – Principal Lecturer, Programme Leader for Criminology and Law
Javaid, Aliraza – Programme Leader
Joseph, Ian – Programme Leader
Winter, Aaron – Senior Lecturer

Law staff:

Akoto, Augostina – Senior Lecturer
Balan, Anil – Principal Lecturer, Programme Leader of LLB (Hons) Programme
Collins, Barry – Senior Lecturer, Programme Leader of LLM Programme 
Collins, Nicholas – Senior Lecturer
Crawford, Sonia – Senior Lecturer
Davies, Emma – Senior Lecturer
Fox, Sarah – Programme Leader
Glennon, Patrick – Lecturer
Heard, Barry – Senior Lecturer 
Hobby, Catherine – Senior Lecturer 
Jackson, Abigail – Lecturer
Kivotidis, Dimitros – Lecturer
Kufuor, Kofi – Professor
Meloni, Annalisa – Senior Lecturer
Pickford, Elizabeth Jane – Senior Lecturer, Programme Leader of Combined Honours Law programmes
Salami, Iwalesco – Senior Lecturer, Leader for Research Degree Programmes
Scarlett, Eleanor – Lecturer
Stokes, Elizabeth – Senior Lecturer
Sycz, Emilia – Lecturer
Wilson, Alan – Principal Lecturer and School Quality Leader

Events, Tourism and Hospitality staff:

Head of Department, Director of the Institute of Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management - Lisa Wyld

Ali, Naz – Senior Lecturer
Bianchi, Raoul – Lecturer
Linden, Henrik – Senior Lecturer
Musamadya, Lynthon – Lecturer
Schmitz, Birte – Lecturer

Cass School of Education and Communities

Dean of School:  Richard Harty

School Manager: Eileen Johnson

Deputy School Manager: Alison Jones

Departmental Officer: John Coleman

Early Childhood and Education Staff:

Mr Paul Adams – Principal Lecturer
Miss Louise Arnold – Programme Leader in Early Childhood Studies
Miss Alison Baker – Senior Lecturer
Mr David Bara – Senior Lecturer
Miss Camelia Baugh – Senior Lecturer in Youth and Community Work: Field Work Leader
Miss Rebecca Blake – Lecturer
Mr Tom Boronski – Senior Lecturer
Miss Paulet Brown-Wilsher – Programme Leader
Dr Iona Burnell – Senior Lecturer Education Studies
Miss Silhouette Bushay – Lecturer Education Studies
Miss Fiona Byrne – Senior Lecturer
Miss Hattie Campbell – Lecturer
Mr Andrew Colley – Senior Lecturer
Mrs Heather Cornwell – Lecturer
Miss Rebecca Crutchley – Programme Leader
Dr Eirini Gkouskou – Lecturer
Mr Nigel Godfrey – Senior Lecturer
Mr Richard Harty – Head of Education
Dr Janet Hoskin – Senior Lecturer
Miss Ruth Hunt – Senior Lecturer
Mrs Katie Ketcher – Lecturer
Miss Debbie Kilbride – Senior Lecturer
Miss Micky Levoguer – Programme Leader
Dr Magdalini Kolokitha – Research Fellow
Mr Richard Malthouse – Senior Lecturer
Dr Mario R Moya – Programme Leader
Mrs Havva Oykener – Senior Lecturer
Miss Charlotte Page – Programme Leader
Miss Ratha Perumal – Senior Lecturer
Mr Graham Robertson – Senior Lecturer & Programme Leader
Dr Jennifer Robson – Senior Lecturer & Programme Leader
Miss Gemma Ryder – Senior Lecturer
Mr Ben Taylor – Programme Leader
Mrs Athina Tempriou – Senior Lecturer
Dr Evgenia Theodotou – Programme Leader
Miss Tracie Trimmer-Platman – Programme Leader
Dr ML White – Senior Lecturer in Education Studies
Mr Mark Wilson – Programme Leader
Miss Francesca Zanatta – Senior Lecturer
Dr Rebecca Wood - Senior Lecturer in Special Education

Politics and International Development staff:

Professor Massimo De Angelis – Professor of Political Economy and Social Change
Dr Robert Ahearne – Programme Leader, BA Hons International Development, International Development with NGO Management
Dr Erika Calvo – Programme Leader, MSc International Relations
Professor Giorgia Dona – Programme Leader, MA Conflict, Displacement and Human Security
Dr Stephen Hobden – Programme Leader, BA Hons International Relations
Dr Maja Korac-Sanderson – Programme Leader, MA Refugee Studies
Dr Miriam Mukasa – Senior Lecturer
Dr Susannah Pickering-Saqqa – Programme Leader, MA Media, Communications and Global Studies
Dr Branislav Radeljic – Programme Leader, MSc International and Comparative Public Policy
Dr Meera Tiwari – Programme Leader, MSc NGO and Development Management
Dr Katie Wright – Reader in International Development

Social Work and Community staff:

Mr Mark WheelerHead of Department of Social Work and Senior Lecturer

Miss Karen Adshead – Senior Lecturer
Professor Stephen Briggs – Professor
Miss Ann Davies – Lecturer
Miss Kimberley Detjen – Senior Lecturer in Social Work
Dr Jo Finch – Reader, Programme Leader in Prof Doc Social Work
Miss Jacqueline Harry – Lecturer
Dr Robert Johns – Senior Lecturer
Dr Dawn Ludick – Senior Lecturer
Mr Simon Lynn – Senior Lecturer
Dr Robin Mutter – Senior Lecturer
Dr Stuart Stevenson – Senior Lecturer, Programme Leader in MA Social Work

Psychosocial Theory and Practice staff:

Yesim Deveci – Lecturer
Dr Nicola Diamond – Senior Lecturer
Dr Darren Ellis – Programme Leader
Dr Cigdem Esin – Senior Lecturer
Yannis Grammatopoulos – Lecturer
Lurraine Jones – Lecturer/HEA Teaching Fellow
Dr Heather Price – Programme Leader (Professional Development)
Corinne Squire – Co-Director of CNR
Angie Voela – Senior Lecturer

Sociology and Social Policy staff:

Professor Molly Andrews – Professor of Political Psychology
Professor Gargi Bhattacharyya – Professor of Sociology
Mr Sydney Jeffers – Senior Lecturer
Dr Helen Kim – Programme Leader (BA Hons Sociology with Criminology)
Ms Delia Langstone – Senior Lecturer
Ms Allyson Malatesta – Senior Lecturer
Professor Maria Tamboukou – Professor of Feminist Studies
Dr Eric Taylor Woods – Programme Leader, (BA Hons Sociology)

Social Sciences and Social Work PhD students:

Alexander Thomas
Alice Mukaka
Delia Langstone
Douglas Omenda
Emma Jones
Eniko Witt
Esther Afari-Mensah
Graham Robertson
John Haworth
Juan Ameen
Lurraine Jones
Margaret Apwonyokwe
Alison Phoebe Beedell
Sanny Mulubale
Sorawit Pulsawasd
Nigel Edward Rupert McCollum
Bayan  Karimi
Jessica Oddy
Caroline Marks Madongo
Yana Nikolova
Hamda Abdi Mohamed
Amedeo Varriale
Michelle Antoinette Harewood
Elpiniki Aikaterini  Karakosta
Sharon Marina  Hamilton
Enver Ethemer


Teacher Education staff:

Mr Daniel Ayres – Senior Lecturer
Mrs Erica Cattle – Senior Lecturer in Secondary MFL
Miss Catherine Connor – Lecturer
Mr Christopher Dalladay – Senior Lecturer
Mr Roussel De Carvalho – Programme Leader
Miss Jess Dobson – Lecturer
Miss Joy Donalson – Lecturer
Mr Marwan Elfallah – Lecturer
Miss Melissa Ghany – Lecturer
Dr Neil Herrington – Principal Lecturer
Mrs Aniqa Khaliq – Senior Lecturer
Dr Warren Kidd – Senior Lecturer
Mrs Elicia Lewis – Senior Lecturer in Secondary Education RE
Dr Shrehan Lynch – Senior Lecturer & Subject Lead for Physical Education
Mr John Macklin – Programme Leader
Miss Lizana Oberholzer – Programme Leader
Miss Fran Paffard – Senior Lecturer in Primary Teacher Education
Mr Stephen Palmer – Lecturer
Mr Christopher Tyrrell – Senior Lecturer
Mr Gurmit Uppal – Lecturer
Mrs Sheeba Viswarajan – Senior Lecturer in Secondary Education
Mr David Wells – Senior Lecturer
Mr Simon Woodage – Senior Lecturer

Research staff:

Professor Mike Cole – Professor in Education
Professor Gerry Czerniawski – Professor in Education
Dr Jo Finch – Reader in Social Work and Programme Leader 
Dr Terri Kim – Reader in Education
Dr Magdalini Kolokitha – Research
Professor Eva Lloyd-Reichling – Professor
Professor Jean Murray – Professor
Professor Andrew Ravenscroft – Professor in Education
Andrew Wilkins – Reader in Education


Business and Law

The school of Business and Law is home to multiple research centres, including the Centre for Innovation Management and Enterprise is a research and development Centre, that has been created by the School of Business and Law with the support of Martin Slark and Molex Inc. Its vision is to achieve and sustain globally recognised thought leadership in these two important areas. 

For more information on our research interests and groups, and research degrees, visit the Research page.

Cass School of Education and Communities

The Cass School of Education and Communities conducts innovative, world leading, research on public pedagogy, mixed economies of childcare, social work, teacher education, HE, prison education and careers education. In the 2014 Research Excellence Framework, our school was ranked in the top 50 institutions in the UK for our research (41st in social work, 42nd in Education).

For more information on our research interests and groups, and research degrees, visit the Research page.


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