Brand new fitness space

We have worked with industry experts at Pulse Fitness to design a new space that has all levels of fitness in mind and offers much more to enhance the member experience.  For this work to take place we plan to close the gym areas from 30 June - 31 July, however this is subject to change. All direct debits will be frozen and prepaid memberships will be extended by 1 month.

3D Walkthrough

We are excited to unveil our 3d representation of how our new refurbished SportsDock will look when we reopen on 1 August.

During this period, Group Exercise classes will remain open and we will increase the number of classes on offer. Members can take advantage of these classes free of charge during the closure period. Arenas and outdoor football pitch will remain open and the membership discounts on these bookings will still be applied whilst the Direct Debit is frozen.


Change to pricing structure

The prices will be changing as of 15 June when the current pricing scheme will no longer be available to purchase, and we will be transferring over to the new prices as detailed. We will not be cancelling your current membership plan, if you decide to cancel you will not be able to take out your current plan in the future. Ask any friends or family to purchase this membership before 15 June if they wish to do so.

New membership Prices

Full Terms and Conditions are available on our website but here is a breakdown of the new membership plans.

12 monthly Contract Membership - £33pm

  • This is a 12 month contract monthly Direct Debit membership where you cannot cancel.
  • A 1 month freeze option is available for 1 period during the contract.
  • After the contract has finished you will remain paying £33 on a rolling membership.

Month by month rolling membership - £40pm

  • Exactly the same as the current rolling membership which you cancel as per our terms and conditions.

Refer a friend

Refer a friend to a contract membership and once they have paid the first payment you both will receive a free month on your membership. Please fill out this form for you and your referral. Terms and conditions apply, please see reception for more information.

Direct Debit Date

For all Direct Debit payments, the date that we take your payment is changing to the 1st of the month. The first payment will be taken at the earliest opportunity when we re-open after the refurbishment.

These and all other information will be communicated via email and social media. Please make sure you are following us on Instagram and if you are not receiving emails let a member of reception know.


Fitness Targets

SportsDock is here to help you progress your fitness journey. Using qualified fitness instructors and personal trainers we have three different options to suit all budgets.

    Our new refurbished fitness facility has the very latest equipment to help you get the most out of your training. In order for you to understand how to get most out of the equipment, we are holding group inductions to explain them in detail for you. We will be offering you a programme using our new digital fitness training partners and TRAKKS app.

    Book Group Induction

    The fitness coaching product is unique to SportsDock. The product included exercise prescription tailored to your goals, sports/exercise testing completed in our Sport Science labs and having one of the fitness team will track your progress using our digital exercise app. It’s a great way to be guided towards your exercise goals and have our experienced fitness professionals overseeing what you are doing!

    Email us for more information

    We have two resident PT's Julian Dominique and Aydin Parmaksizoglu, click on the links to see their websites and contact details. Whether your goals are to recover from injury, lose weight, tone up, get stronger or just improve your general health and wellbeing, Our fantastic Personal Trainers will provide a personalised 1:1 service tailored to you.

    General FAQs

    What dates will you be closed?

    We plan to close the gym areas from 30 June - 31 July, however this is subject to change.

    Do I need to do anything to my membership Direct Debit

    You do not need to do anything to your direct debit unless you wanted to join our new 12 month contract membership for just £30 per month during our pre-sales campaign.

    Will the opening times be changing?

    From 30 June - 31 July due to the closure of the gym, our weekday opening time will be changing to a 7am start and weekends will remain at 8am. Closing times will still remain the same throughout.

    Will I get an introduction to the new equipment?

    We will be running group inductions and open evenings to get you used to the new equipment and during this you will be assigned an appropriate programme to satisfy your needs.

    What happens if I miss a payment whilst on the current scheme?

    You will get three opportunities of bounced payments before your membership is cancelled. After it is cancelled the £33 pm rolling membership will no longer be available and if you wish to carry on a rolling contract it will increase to £40pm.

    Can I cancel my Membership?

    If you cancel your Membership after 15 June you will no longer be able to take out the current members and you will have to go on to the new pricing structure to access the gym as detailed in the new membership prices section.

    How can I feedback my opinions to Management?

    We welcome any feedback to help us shape our service,  please use this link and a Manager will be in contact as soon as possible.

    Contract FAQs

    Can I leave the contract?

    Once you have joined the contract you will not be able to cancel this until after the 12 months has been completed.

    What happens if I miss a payment whilst in a contract?

    You will be asked to repay this before you can re-enter the gym.

    Is there going to be an introductory offer?

    We will be running a pre-sales membership promotion, please keep an eye on social media and emails for more information.

    Can I freeze my membership?

    Yes, you can freeze for 1 month on one occasion during the 12 months.

    Is there a joining fee?


    What happens to my payments once I have finished the 12 months?

    The payments will automatically transfer to £33 on a month by month basis.

    Stages Studio Journey

    Learn more about the Stages Studio indoor cycling journey.

    Contact us

    If you have any further questions please email SportsDock.

    Email SportsDock