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Fledgling interpreters break down communication barriers

London Scholars 2015

Fledgling interpreters break down communication barriers

Students and staff worked to improve communication across language and culture in community settings.

A tailored package of training taught students to work as interpreters in community, psychology and social care environments.  

As trained interpreters/cultural brokers, students were able to engage with people who do not speak English and help them become more involved in their communities. The work also enhanced their employability and exposed them to a range of work environments. 

Several project participants have gone on to work with community groups and individuals who don’t speak English. One student decided to study for a PhD based on the experience. 

“The London Scholars project on interpretation and cultural brokerage has gone extremely well and we are very pleased with the commitment, enthusiasm and knowledge which the scholars bring to the project from across the university," the project's leader, Professor Rachel Tribe, said. 

“This project has certainly contributed to the vision of civic engagement at UEL."