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Researchers examine link between housing and perinatal mental health

London Scholars 2015

London Scholars

Mental health problems during pregnancy and up to one year after childbirth have a major public health impact on both women and babies. 

The quality and stability of housing can influence one’s mental health. It has been reported that mothers in temporary accommodation are at risk of experiencing a high degree of social isolation, which may be very challenging for their mental wellbeing during the difficult transition to parenthood.  

With support from experienced researchers at UEL’s Institute for Health and Human Development, students developed and implemented an applied research project that explored the link between housing and perinatal mental health in an east London community.

“The London Scholars programme is a fantastic initiative," said Cathryn Salisbury, a PhD student who worked on the project. "It has been really great to meet and work with new people from a range of different backgrounds who each bring a different perspective."