Our Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

At the University of  East London, we are striving to build a better, more sustainable world.  Aligned to our Vision 2028 goal to increase the reach and value of our activities to the communities we serve, we are growing research which contributes to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.  

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals are articulated by the United Nations as an urgent call for action by all countries in a global partnership. Here we share some of the ways in which the University of East London is responding to this call for action. 

Sustainable Development Goal logo 1 - No Poverty

Professor  Siraj  Sait  is a world-leading expert in land rights and preserving the land ownership of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups across Africa and the Islamic world. As a founding member of the Global Land Tool Network, find  out  how UEL is leading the way to fair land ownership.  

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Sustainable Development Goal logo 1 - Zero Hunger

In Bihar,  India, UEL's Dr Meera Tiwari has been collaborating with local organisations to empower women through signature literacy. The  JEEViKA  Trust self-help  groups that Dr Tiwari has worked with are now using their literacy to advocate for important issues in their communities, including the quality of school meals after the Bihar school meal poisoning incident.   

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Sustainable Development Goal logo 3 - Good health and wellbeing

UEL's Institute of Connected Communities works in partnership with communities to ensure we are at the cutting edge of public health research.  Leading a wide variety of projects, our most recent success is the Kick-Out COVID-19 initiative in Zambia and Sierra Leone which has delivered over 17,000 food packages to vulnerable people and  surveyed the mental wellbeing of disabled young people. 

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Sustainable Development Goal logo 4 - Quality education

Working collaboratively with policy makers' other institutions, Dr Rebecca Wood has been fighting for the inclusion of children with autism in schools across the country.  Her work has provided policy makers with vital recommendations to safeguard children with autism in a post-Covid world. 

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Sustainable Development Goal logo 5 - Gender equality

From  UEL's  School of Psychology,  Dr  Ava  Kanyeredzi  is the research  and  evaluation lead for the Black Church Domestic Abuse Forum,  an interdisciplinary collaboration of academics, practitioners and faith leaders  from across the country. The forum  aims  to  support  faith  communities  in  finding  better  ways  to  respond  to  domestic abuse. 

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Sustainable Development Goal logo 6 - Clean water and sanitation

Our students and postgraduate researchers at UEL are an important part of  our efforts in striving for the goals.  Ria Devereux, a postgraduate researcher, has been conducting vital work illuminating the state of microplastic pollution in the Thames. The level of pollution she found after the 2019 New Year's Eve fireworks display would truly shock you. 

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Sustainable Development Goal logo 7 - Affordable and Clean Energy

Dr  Rabih  Bashroush has been leading industry to improve the energy efficiency of data centres. Data centres and the digital industry produce more CO2 than the entire aviation industry and their numbers are only going to grow as the world turns more and more to online data storage.  Dr  Bashroush's  research was featured  on  Channel 4's Dispatches. 

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Sustainable Development Goal logo 8 - decent work and economic growth

At UEL's Tax and Accountancy Clinic, we  provide  SMEs,  local businesses and the local community with training in annual accounts preparation and tax services to empower them to continue their growth. 

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Sustainable Development Goal logo 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

The Sustainability  Research Institute is leading the way in industry collaboration. Through their extensive consultancy projects, the institute  guide  their  industry  partners to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly practice. 

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Sustainable Development Goal logo 10 - Reduced inequalities

At UEL, our performing artists are pushing the boat out with dynamic and inclusive performances.  Liselle Terret works closely with disabled and neurodivergent actors to create theatre centred around the experiences of living with disability.  

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Sustainable Development Goal logo 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities

The borough of Newham has the highest proportion of households in temporary accommodation and the highest population of rough sleepers in London.   Exploring the housing crisis through a suite of workshops, performances and installations,  Dr Lynne McCarthy teamed up with the Victoria and Albert Museum to deliver a brick-a-thon as part of Newham Heritage Month, engaging local communities in making around 500 bricks and multiple opportunities to experience the history and labour of brickmaking. 

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Sustainable Development Goal logo 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production

UEL's ARENA project supports London start-ups, spin-outs and SMEs to develop innovation for areas of resource efficiency, urban green infrastructure, and nature-based solutions for urban resilience. 

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Sustainable Development Goal logo 13 - Climate action

Michael Pinsky has created thought-provoking installations across the world.  Renowned for his engaging exhibits about issues of climate change, his activist art reaches audiences in unusual ways.  His exhibition, Pollution Pods, used perfumes and humidifiers to replicate the atmospheres from a variety of cities to challenge and engage policy makers, climate activists and the general public. 

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Sustainable Development Goal logo 14 - Life Below Water

In collaboration with environmental charity  GreenSeas Trust and the Mayor of Blackpool's office,  Emily Hodgkinson and George Davis, two third-years on the BSc (Hons) Product Design course, designed and launched bins which both served the practical purposes of recycling and litter collection but also raised awareness about the dangers of plastics in marine ecosystems. 

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Sustainable Development Goal logo 15 - Life on Land

At UEL, our academics study all sorts of ecosystems.  Our work with peatlands is well-known but we also work within the London city environment to understand and support the unique urban ecosystem.  Caroline Nash's work is about conserving the flora and fauna, such as bats, of endangered brownfield ecosystems and developing green urban infrastructure projects which help monitor biodiversity. 

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Sustainable Development Goal logo 16 - Peace, justice and strong institutions

The Institute of Connected Communities is exploring the prevalence and impact of harmful online behaviours and harassment.  Working with the Rwandan Government,  the University of Rwanda and   the   5Rights  Foundation, Professor Julia Davidson has developed a pilot programme to protect children online. 

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Sustainable Development Goal logo 17 - Partnerships for the goals

Dr Annalisa  Meloni  researches EU visa policy, EU external border controls and immigration law.  Her policy reform recommendations seek to protect those activists fighting for human rights in their  home  countries.   

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