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Supporting our local community

 Our Tax Clinic is mostly student-led but supervised by professionals with many years' experience in their field. This community focused initiative provides our students with practical and necessary on the job experience, at no cost to the East London community.

Many people struggle with dealing with their taxation requirements. In several cases, it may be due to lack of knowledge around the process of filing, and the inability to afford to pay for accounting services.

The University of East London can provide support for local small businesses and low-income individuals based in the East London area, on challenges related to tax and accountancy.

Meet with our students and receive one on one support, under the supervision of qualified tax professionals. Our tax and accountancy clinic covers an array of support including:

  • Completing your self-assessment tax returns
  • Advising about penalties for tax returns filed late
  • Explaining your PAYE codes and assisting you to get them changed if they are incorrect
  • Explaining tax calculations you have received from HMRC and advising about these if they are incorrect
  • Asking HMRC to cancel tax returns they have issued if you do not meet the requirements to complete a tax return
  • Advice on deductibles
  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial planning for small businesses

If you are in East London, on a low income or the owner of a small business and need help with any of the above, call us on 0121 234 5678 to book an appointment via telephone. Our helpline is open between 3pm and 5pm every Tuesday. If you need to send us information or have an additional enquiry, please contact us by completing our online form or emailing taxclinic@uel.ac.uk.

Please note that our phone number is for booking appointments only, and the volunteers staffing this phoneline are unable to give advice over the phone.

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