Urban Green Infrastructure & Nature-Based Solutions

A landscape image of grass and flowers with the ArcelorMittal Orbit structure in the background
  • Monitoring and surveying UGI for ecosystem service value e.g. water attenuation, water quality, thermal performance, noise reduction, social cohesion, biodiversity net-gain.
  • Biodiversity mapping, monitoring and enhancement strategies.
  • Green roof surveys: advice to optimise the design, installation and maintenance of existing green roofs including substrates testing: physical and chemical testing of growing media

SRI Experts:
Stuart Connop | Caroline Nash | Jack Clough | Richard Lindsay

Beneficiary learning outcomes:

  • Businesses supported with evidence demonstrating their product viability
  • Consistency in manufacture

Product performance with benchmarks against existing products on the market.

Wildlife Conservation

A landscape image of two men in a field. The man in the foreground is holding a large net followed by a man looking down.
  • Spatial and assemblage analysis, mapping and monitoring of wildlife populations to assess diversity, rarity, typicalness and supporting habitat features.
  • Surveying and monitoring habitats to track responses to management, climate change, habitat change and possible impairment of ecosystem services.
  • Design input on how to enhance product design and site management to support biodiversity.

SRI Experts:
Stuart Connop | Caroline Nash | Jack Clough | Richard Lindsay

Beneficiary learning outcomes:

  • Develop sophisticated data sets
  • Analyse your products and/or habitats/species groups
  • Determine where your innovations will be best-suited.

Material Engineering, Waste and Circular Economy

A landscape image of a woman on a rooftop grass and flowers
  • Development and testing of sustainable construction materials (aggregates, concrete, clay etc.) derived from industrial by products and waste materials
  • Designing out waste and maximising reuse value of embodied materials in industrial processes 
  • Validate the feasibility of reconstituting low value 'waste' back into valuable resource
  • Green roof aggregate testing.

SRI Experts:
Darryl Newport | Bamdad Ayati | Mike Medas

Beneficiary learning outcomes:

  • Product testing and scale up feasibility
  • Businesses support to understand and validate innovations for recycling of waste materials into a secondary product of value

Community Engagement and Assets

An image of a woman's hand holding a blue pen, writing on a large piece of paper. A bottle of water is to the left surrounded by different colour writing pens.
  • Participatory planning and community engagement approaches for sustainable infrastructure
  • Adaptive governance and implementation including the development of formal and informal institutions for the management and use of shared local green and blue assets

SRI Experts:
Paula Vandergert | Shaherah Jordan

Beneficiary learning outcomes:

  • Gain insights on community engagement, governance and local authority networks for their urban green infrastructure and nature-based solutions