Darryl Newport

Professor Darryl Newport

Former Director

, School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering

Darryl works one day a week at the University of East London.


  • BSc (Hons) Survey and Mapping Science 2.1 (1993), University of East London
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Professor Darryl Newport is former director of the Sustainability Research Institute (SRI) and leader on a number of key research projects. During this current tenure,  he has united a number of research centres under the SRI Umbrella, including the Manufactured Aggregate Research Centre (MARC), Environmental Research Group and the Resource Efficiency Research Centre.  He currently manages research staff with research interests aligned to SRI research ethos. The SRI currently supervises a number of PhD students. Darryl currently is Director of Studies for three students and sits on two additional supervisory teams.

Darryl's research focuses on sustainable use of materials, resource efficiency and the circular economy. These areas of research are particularly important for the development of our future cities and provide considerable opportunity for innovative material and process development.

In the recent Research Excellence Framework (REF 2014), the SRI in partnership with UEL's Architecture research team, submitted to UoA 16. This was a  successful partnership and a very creditable showing for our first submission.

External roles

External Professional Engagement

  • All Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group - Academic Member (2011 - 2015) Waste Policy Development.
  • National Industry Symbiosis Programme (NISP) Project Advisory Group - Chair (2010-2012)
  • Knowledge Transfer Network Resource Efficiency - Panel Member (2016)
  • UK Green Building Council (2012 to date) - Academic Member


Institute of Civil Engineering (ICE)

  • Judging panel for the ICE London Civil Engineering Awards (2011)
  • London and South East Waste Expert Panel (2011 - to date) Member
  • London and South East Housing Expert Panel (2013 - 2014) Chair
  • ICE London Open House Regeneration Expert (2012 - to date) co-lead ICE
  • Co- Author (Waste) ICE's Infrastructure for London Manifesto 2016. Policy recommendations for the capital's waste, water, energy and transport infrastructure, and recommends priority actions for the London Mayor.
  • Co- Author (Waste) State of the Nation Infrastructure 2014. This report provides Government and Industry with an independent appraisal of the state of the capital's waste, water, energy and transport infrastructure, and recommends priority actions of the next General Election.

External and Strategic Development Services (2004 - 2006)

  • Business Sector Leader - Environmental Technologies


Under the directorship of Professor Darryl Newport, the Institute has built long term partnerships in research and consultancy with many external agencies including the Environment Agency, Greater London Authority, and Institute for Sustainability, London Thames Gateway Development Corporation and the local boroughs Barking and Dagenham, Tower Hamlets and Newham. We have developed industrial programmes of research with Thames Water, Aggregate Industries, Augean PLC Ltd, Aylesford Newsprint and Barking Riverside Ltd, which are being successfully delivered through the SRI.

We have built a research reputation over the last 20 years for high quality applied research and I have developed extensive commercial and academic networks both nationally and internationally.

We have delivered a number of international and national funded projects including European Regional Development Funded (ERDF) projects EUREKA and FLASH which enabled access to over 200 SMEs in and around London. This in turn has helped to build additional funding partnerships for projects and commercial CPD based training programmes including Innovate UK, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.

Darryl has developed two TSB/InnovateUK projects with SMEs, Academic and Industry partners providing a combined income of over £240,000. Part of this funding has supported one of our successfully completed PhD students. To date, the research has produced six publications, of which, four are published in quality refereed Journals (Project Title: Bio Based Natural Fibre Insulation).

We currently have a bespoke research and demonstrator facility at London Sustainable Industry Park (LSIP) funded through the European C2C BIZZ Project providing innovative solutions to extract value from residual resource material through SRI/Industry developed technology. The process promotes Industrial Symbiosis through the collaboration of commercial tenants within the LSIP.

Darryl was lead on a major European Framework 7 project with 26 partners from 12 different European countries. TURAS a five year Project that developed visions, feasible strategies, spatial scenarios and guidance tools to help cities address the urgent challenges of climate change adaptation and mitigation, natural resources shortage and unsustainable urban growth. It is designed to assist in the development of policy to enable adaptive governance, collaborative decision-making and behavioural change in order to facilitate local authorities and communities in the transition process. The Project is designed to research, demonstrate and disseminate transition strategies and scenarios to enable European cities and their rural interfaces to build vitally-needed resilience. TURAS will demonstrate to city communities, businesses, planners, policy-makers and managers mechanisms for transition that may be created and implemented as we strive to move to more sustainable urban living.

Panel and professional body engagement

Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE)

  • Judging panel for the ICE London Civil Engineering Awards (2011)
  • London and South East Waste Expert Panel (2011 - to date) Member
  • London and South East Housing Expert Panel (2013 - 2014) Chair
  • ICE London Open House Regeneration Expert (2012 - to date) co-led ICE tour and presentation of the Emirates Air Line.
  • Co- Author (Waste) ICE's Infrastructure for London Manifesto 2016. Policy recommendations for the capital's waste, water, energy and transport infrastructure, and recommends priority actions for the London Mayor.
  • Co- Author (Waste) State of the Nation Infrastructure 2014. This report provides Government and Industry with an independent appraisal of the state of the capital's waste, water, energy and transport infrastructure, and recommends priority actions ahead of the next General Election.

Additional Evidence of External Standing.

  • I was a steering committee member of the UK China Entrepreneurship Challenge Competition (2011-2014). The Final in 2012 was held at UEL and the event received highest acclaim from both competitors and judges.
  • I was seconded, as a materials expert, to the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) during the build stage of the London Olympics 2012. I have continued working with the Olympic Park through projects developed with the London Legacy Development Corporation. The initial secondment enabled UEL to negotiate for the Olympic Games Impact Study (OGIS) led by Prof. Allan Brimicombe. Post Games, I was invited to become a member of the GLA Games steering committee, to peer review a report that independently evaluated the impact of the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 on the overall sustainability of the London Games.
  • FRSA (2014) - The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) – Invitation
  • Through Unity - Supporting families bereaved by homicide - Chair of Trustees (2013- to date)


  • International Green Apple Award Winner for environmental best practice (2013) - Beetle Bump Project - The House of Commons, London
  • Times Higher Award Shortlist - Sustainable Development (2012) SRI/UEL - Grosvenor House Hotel, London
  • Archant London Awards (2008) - 'Highly commended' award within the Best Environmental University/College of the year for SRI/UEL



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BARM: Commercial Building Asset Risk Management (January 2016)


Project Lead Argand Ltd

Principal Investigator UEL

Funded Value: £281,250  UEL £113,000


Community Garden Project and Sustainable Food (April 2015 - July 2016)

SPONSOR - HIEF & Sanctuary Group

Principal Investigator

Funded Value: UEL £20,000

(contract research)

Scholarship for 2 x PhD student (Muhammed Umar Khalid) (September 2014 - January 2020)

Director of Studies

SPONSOR - Aylesford Newsprint and Augean Plc.

Funded Value: £90,000 over 6 years

(contract research)

Renfrew Gardens Monitoring Project (March 2014 - March 2017)

Monitoring of designated rain garden. Development of communication portal knowledge exchange.

SPONSOR - Environmental Agency

Funded Value: £34,000  UEL £26,000

(contract research)

Consultancy for project development Royal Haskoning - environmental feasibility report for C2C (November 2012)

SPONSOR - Institute for Sustainability

Funded Value: UEL £4000

Principal investigator (consultancy)

C2C BIZZ - (March 2013 - August 2016)

Research on the feasibility of waste resources exchange and re-use on the London SIP part of the European C2C BIZZ project

SPONSOR - InterregIVb/ Institute for Sustainability

Funded Value: UEL £207,000

Principal investigator (research)

The Development of a novel gauge capable of monitoring a range of rainfall flow rates from green and hard roof systems (August 2012 - August 2015)

SPONSOR - Thames Water

Funded Value: UEL £29,000

(contract research)

TURAS - Transitioning towards Urban Resilience and Sustainability (October 2011 - September 2016)

The "TURAS" initiative brings urban communities and businesses together with local authorities and researchers to collaborate on developing practical new solutions for more sustainable and resilient European cities.

SPONSOR - European Framework Programme FP7

Funded Value: £5,736,374.43 UEL £800,000

Principal Investigator for UEL (research)

OGIS - Olympic Games Impact Study (Completed October 2010)


Funded Value: £36,000 SRI £5000

PI - Prof. Allan Brimicombe, SRI Lead (Consultancy)

Greening ICT PEG Printing Efficiently and Greener - JISC (January 2010- December 2010)


Funded Value: £83,000 UEL £50,000

Project Director (contract research)

FLASH - Facilitation, Learning and Sharing (January 2010 - June 2012)

SPONSOR - ERDF / Institute for Sustainability

Funded Value: £300,000 UEL £150,000

Lead Partner for UEL (EU Grant)

FRESH - Forwarding Regional Environmental Sustainability Hierarchies - London Thames Gateway Development Corporation (January 2010 - December 2010)

SPONSOR - Interreg IVc

Funded Value: EUR 1,529,642.21 UEL £78,000

Lead Partner for UEL (EU Grant)

EUREKA (March 2009 - February 2012)

Designed to help business implement sustainable practices and processes, develop innovative clean technologies and access new markets.


Funded Value: £630,000 UEL £347,000

Lead Partner UEL (EU Grant)

Energy Efficient Bio Based Natural Fibre Insulation (February 2009 - January 2012)

Development and testing of innovative insulation materials for Eco efficient housing designs.


Funded Value: £390,679

Lead Partner: The BioComposites Centre, Bangor University

UEL Principal Investigator (research)

Water attenuation modelling of Green Roof systems - Barking Riverside Flagship Green Roof Project (June 2008 - on-going)

SPONSORS - Individually funded partnership project. Funders included: Manufacturing Sustainable Communities (LBBD), London Thames Gateway Development Corporation and the Environment Agency.

Funded Value: £94,000

UEL Principal Investigator (contract research)

Lead Researcher Dr G Kadas

Development of agglomerated and Kilned waste materials for leachate and structural testing (August 2004 - January 2005)

SPONSOR - Alkemy Ltd, Boston, USA

Funded Value: UEL £18,000


Production of lightweight gravel according to the Trefoil Process utilizing the MARC Facility (March 2003 - April 2004)

SPONSOR - SKB report SV - 517, Foundation for Knowledge Development and Knowledge Transfer (Dutch Ministry)

Funded Value: UEL £40,000

UEL Principal Investigator

(contract research)

Manufactured Aggregate Research Centre (MARC) (June 2001 - May 2004)

This facility enables large-scale feasibility testing to be carried out on aggregates designed and manufactured using a wide variety of waste materials.

SPONSOR - Landfill Tax Credit Scheme / UNTRUST

Funded Value: UEL £400,000

UEL Principal Investigator (research)


Research Student Supervision

I currently supervise five PhD students, three as Director of Studies and sit on two additional supervisory teams. (PhD Research Table 2.3)


Future Programmes

The SRI is currently finalising an MRes in Environment and Sustainability. The programme is fully approved and commences in September 2016.