All of our staff and students will be given the knowledge and skills to be more sustainable because sustainability is about everyone and for everyone. 

We will celebrate this where it already exists, and embed it where it may be less apparent so that our teaching and research makes a very real impact to the world around us. Our campuses will be more than just the operational backdrop of our academic framework; they will be an integral part of what we teach and learn. They will be our own living laboratories, an ideas launchpad, where creations that will benefit our people and our planet can be tried and tested. We will continually develop our external links to ensure our knowledge and capacity in sustainability is current and relevant, and to so we share our best practice with others who will benefit from it too.

What we learn and what we discover will offer solutions to the societal and environmental challenges that we face.

  1. We will integrate sustainability into established programmes so our graduates leave with hands-on experience of sustainability that’ll help them in the world of work (internship?);
  2. We will equip all our staff with skills in sustainability;
  3. We will work with all UEL schools and services to build capacity and share best practice in sustainability in our living lab;
  4. We will support and promote programmes and research that examine issues relating to sustainability and seek to benefit both people and planet;
  5. We will collaborate with others externally to enhance knowledge and capacity in sustainability at UEL.

 See our action plan to find out how we will make these happen. (Coming soon)