19 May 2022

The University of East London has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with technology company Siemens as the next step in the institution's quest to become net zero carbon and a global leader in decarbonisation.

The strategic partnership will see the University and Siemens work together to transform energy use on the campus to meet its 2030 deadline.

In addition, Siemens will be supporting UEL in its quest to become a centre of excellence in sustainability technology, providing learning opportunities for students, offering carbon-cutting solutions to the local community and inviting global experts to test and share innovations that tackle climate change.

Professor Amanda Broderick, vice-chancellor and president, said, "We're delighted at the huge progress we have made alongside our partners in Siemens. The signing of the memorandum is an important milestone on an ambitious but necessary journey towards net zero carbon.

"But we aim to go much further still. The campus carbon transformation will give our students the opportunity to become the sustainability leaders of tomorrow. They will have access to the latest thinking in smart technology, to industry experience and mentorships and a vital edge in the jobs market.

"We look forward to working with Siemens on these important and exciting projects for many years to come."

Carl Ennis, CEO of Siemens, said, "I am delighted that Siemens and the University of East London have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to accelerate UEL's journey to net zero carbon. The time for organisations to act is now and we are excited to be a strategic partner to help UEL achieve their ambitious goals and transform their campus for the benefit of their students, academics and the community in east London."

Faye Bowser, head of energy performance services, Siemens: "We're proud to be able to work in earnest decarbonising the University of East London. The strong focus on partnership and community collaboration will stimulate the green economy in east London, as well as building a strong talent pipeline of graduates with a deep understanding of sustainability issues."

Find out more about our partnership and our commitment to become carbon net zero.

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