What is Connected Campus?

Connected Campus is an investment programme to improve the quality of our three campuses by making them more vibrant, welcoming and creating a physical environment that showcases UEL, as a place where people want to study, work and live.

Why are we doing it?

Students and staff have told us they need a more attractive and accessible campus with bolder showcasing of UEL and new spaces that promote opportunities to connect the UEL community.

What are the benefits?

We believe that these works will benefit the whole UEL community in the following ways:

Campus hearts

Creating focal points at each campus that are engaging and places you want to study, collaborate and enjoy. These spaces will include new pop-up food and beverage outlets, flexible seating, exhibition space and can be used for future outdoor cinemas, festivals and music events. 

CGI image of Docklands campus space


Creating accessible and vibrant entrances that improve your journey. This includes a clear signage strategy that guides you through campus and enhances your understanding and experience, as well as  exhibition structures that showcase UEL's student journeys and research impact. 

Signage at Docklands campus

New places

Creating destinations where people want to meet, be social and relax. For you to go and make it yours! 

Signage at Docklands campus

Career enhancements

Creating agile study and work spaces that pioneer future careers in a changing world. Our three pilot programmes in Summer 2021 have been Architecture, Computing and Engineering (ACE), the Royal Docks School of Business and Law and Health, Sport and Bioscience (HSB).

Interior of campus buildings

Campus developments

Docklands Campus


Campus arrival

  • Conversion of former Underground Bar into a community engagement space.
  • Designed to flexibly support a wide range of different functions and will be used to introduce the local community to the courses and activities available at UEL.

Student Union refurbishment

  • Refurbishment of the North Building
  • Dividing walls to be removed opening up the whole frontage; introduction of new bifold doors.
  • SU official areas separated from the new café.  Closed for out of hours functions.

Campus heart

  • Flexible space that can be used for different events including film screenings and concerts.
  • ​​​​​New moveable furniture for you to enjoy the green space at the waterfront as you see fit.
  • New benches with USB charging points powered by UEL students walking on new energy creating paving.
  • More green shelters and pergolas to shield you from the wind so you can enjoy the waterfront.

AVA building

  • A brighter and more colourful courtyard to the east of the AVA building with flexible seating, greenery and an outdoor tennis table.
  • The flexible courtyard can be rearranged for fashion catwalks and evening events.

Refurbishment of West Building

  • Improved food and drink options at the West Building including pop up options, new student seating and relocation of Costa Coffee.
  • New bifold doors that open the building to the rest of campus.

Aqua East Park

  • Improvements to Aqua East park that gives more shelter from the wind, BBQ areas and preserves the distinctive arch.
  • Outdoor gym.

Wellbeing garden

  • A new wellbeing garden with woodland flora that includes quiet seating or study areas. A water feature will be installed in Summer 2022.

Stratford Campus


Campus heart

  • New moveable furniture for you to enjoy the green space as you as you see fit.
  • Flexible exhibition areas to showcase student work and UEL research impact.

Library garden

  • Resurfaced breakout area.
  • Planters with integrated seating.

University Square Stratford


Campus heart

  • New food and drink pop-ups serving coffee and hot food.
  • Moveable exhibition displays.
  • New stepped seating and pergolas.

Learning and teaching infrastructure works

  • We are concentrating on delivering enhancements for learning and teaching at University Square Stratford, including our newly designed Trading Floor and Strategy Lab, Court Room, Careers Zone and modern Legal Advice Centre.
  • Our newly designed Trading Floor and Strategy Lab at University Square Stratford, designed in partnership with Amazon Web Services, will provide greater opportunities for students to expand their exposure to the global business world. 
  • ​​​We are refurbishing our Multifunctional Flexible Learning Spaces at the Knowledge Dock  o create flexible teaching/presentation spaces to promote Digital First/Industry 4.0 across our mental wealth modules in the Computing Department.
  • Our state of the art modern Legal Advice Centre (LAC) will allow UEL to grow its offering and increase student involvement in the activities of the Centre. Additionally, it will enhance UEL's ability to strengthen its industry relationships and increase the number of student placements.
  • AVA Architecture & Atelier Spaces:  We are refurbishing and improving architecture spaces to create fit for purpose, secure and functional teaching environments.
  • The Technology Enhanced Multi-Purpose Psychology Laboratory (TEMPL) will be a game changer for the School of Psychology. This a state-of-the-art technology enhanced learning environment  will catalyse and enable us to deliver outstanding teaching, learning and outcomes for students and our University community.
  • Hospital and Primary Care Training Hub:  We are bringing simulated health environments into our learning spaces.

Future Connected Campus Projects

Beyond our initial investment in our Connected Campus programme, which will be delivered in September 2021, we will be making further enhancements to our campuses. Below are some examples but stay tuned to this page for further information about our exciting future projects!

All year round Campus Hearts

We are developing plans to use invigorating design and architecture to ensure these focal points have all weather protection so can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Active Wellbeing

We are creating active journeys that connect you with your surroundings, stimulate and enhance wellbeing.

Plans are still being developed for Active Wellbeing, and we intend to install our three activity trails, Discovery, Health and Fitness and Wellbeing, in the summer of 2022.

We are working with Continuum, a specialist consultancy that aims to maximise the physical, social and economic impact of sport and leisure at all levels and have established an Artist in Residence programme to coordinate our public art installations.

CGI Interior of campus building