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Our research is recognised for its real world impact in helping to solve some of society’s biggest problems

Case Studies

Tackling London's Health Inequality

Leading health experts from UEL’s Institute for Health and Human Development (IHHD) have been engaging with some of London’s most disadvantaged communities and supporting them to improve their health and well-being.

Developing national and international policy on early childhood education and care

Research into the service costs and equity risks associated with the marketisation and privatisation of early childhood education and care (ECEC) has directly influenced the development of national and international policies.

Addressing adolescent self-harm

A new method for evaluating social work practices and social problems, developed through research conducted at the University of East London (UEL), has helped to improve the delivery of social services concerned with adolescent self-harm/ suicide prevention and child abuse.

Influencing health system strengthening in India

Research conducted at UEL is helping to tackle health inequality in some of India’s largest states by changing the way in which health care is financed and implemented.

‌Conserving Peatlands

Peatlands are a vital buffer against climate change, and with 80% of UK Peatlands in poor condition, their restoration has become a pressing issue. UEL researcher Mr Richard Lindsay has been working with leading environmental organisations to help protect and restore this important part of the UK landscape.

Greening urban infrastructure

Researchers at UEL are helping to enhance biodiversity within urban areas by developing alternative green roof designs that mimic local conservation priority habitat.

‌Reforming UK media policy

UEL research has been helping to reform UK media practice through influencing regulatory outcomes, policies and debates relating to product placement, cross-media promotion, and media ownership and pluralism.

‌Making history matter

UEL’s School of Architecture puts materials and heritage at the heart of its programmes. But this is not the case everywhere. Conservation is often perceived as a specialist area of architectural study – as a science in itself.

‌Exploring trust in multiculturalism

The relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims in the West has become increasingly fraught recently. UEL researchers are exploring the conditions of trust between these two societies to help overcome negative and misunderstood stereotyping.