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2017/2018 Scholarships

(Not applicable for EU and UK students)

What is a scholarship?
An international scholarship at UEL covers part of the cost of course fees. Scholarships are highly sought after and the process of applying for scholarships is often competitive and carries deadline dates.  The amount awarded is assessed on a case by case basis and is often up to £4000 off tuition fees per year.
To qualify for a scholarship you must first make an application to study at UEL before applying for any of the scholarships. After you’ve done this, you should then use the links below to apply for the scholarship quoting your application reference number.


MBA Scholarship

The MBA Scholarship is for all international students with a conditional or unconditional offer for the course. The following scholarship is available under this scheme:
 £5,000 off tuition (first year entry point only).

We use the following key criteria in selecting scholars:
1. Receiving an offer for the MBA course for academic year 2017/8
2. Complete the expression of interest form 
3. Pass short telephone interview 

If you’re interested in this scholarship please complete this form 
**Please note you will be called by our international recruitment team for a short interview. 

Remember: You must have filled out an application to study the MBA at UEL and have received an offer prior to applying for the scholarship (we will ask for your UEL application reference number – this is 7 digits long)


Other scholarships accepted by UEL

Chevening Scholarships:

UEL partners with prestigious Chevening and supports Chevening scholars worldwide. For more information on how to apply, please visit their site here.


The Commonwealth Scholarships Commission:

The Commonwealth Scholarships Commission in the UK offers a number of scholarships schemes to enable Commonwealth students to study in the UK for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Please see the CSUK website for more information.


If you have come across a scholarship and want to know whether we accept it at this university, please email