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what is university clearing?

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What is Clearing?

Clearing is an opportunity to secure a place at university. It runs every year from July to September. If you apply late, change your mind or miss out on the requirements of a conditional offer, going through Clearing provides another way to get on to a course and start your academic journey. Students who come to University of East London through Clearing have gone on to achieve first-class grades and inspirational careers.

Read on to find out all about the clearing process, what it is, how it works, how to apply as well as our selections of frequently asked questions about UCAS and Clearing.

What is UCAS Clearing?

UCAS Clearing matches applicants to university places that are yet to be filled. It’s available to anyone who has made a UCAS Undergraduate application and doesn’t hold any offers.

What is Clearing Plus?

Clearing Plus is a new system in place for 2020 where UCAS will match applicants who haven’t accepted any offers or have released themselves through Clearing to similar courses they have applied for in the main cycle. The UCAS Clearing Plus tool allows you to be matched to appropriate courses that you are interested in at universities that still have availability.

How does Clearing work?

Once you have your results you can either contact universities directly to apply for study starting in September or go through UCAS Clearing. More information on Clearing can be found on our When is Clearing page. 

Who can apply for Clearing?

If any of these scenarios apply to you – then you’re eligible for clearing:
  • You want a place at a university in September 2020 but haven’t applied yet
  • You didn’t receive any offers for a course from a university
  • You’ve changed your mind about your course or university
  • Your predicted grades didn’t go as expected and you haven’t been accepted by your university of choice

How to register for UCAS Clearing

You can register for Clearing through UCAS on Track and either search through the 30,000 available courses or go through Clearing Plus and be matched to courses similar to your previous applications. 

If you haven’t applied through UCAS you can apply direct to the university of your choice. To apply to University of East London please visit our main Clearing page.

How long does Clearing take?

Applying through Clearing is simple and easy and shouldn’t take longer than 24 hours. The application itself only takes 5 minutes but you may have to send in supporting documents before you are accepted onto a course. 

How to apply through Clearing to UEL

Step 1: How to choose a course

Have a look at the courses you’re interested in. You can find our Clearing list of courses with places on our course search or the full Clearing vacancy listings for all universities on the UCAS course finder. 

Step 2: How to get in touch

Give us a call on +44 (0)20 8223 3333 and one of our helpful advisors will talk you through the process. Try to call us as soon as possible, as Clearing places are competitive. If you can’t get through straight away, keep trying. We will answer calls as soon as we can.

Step 3: How to add a Clearing choice on UCAS

You’ll find a UCAS Clearing number located on the welcome and choices pages in UCAS Track. As soon as you have this number (and we’ve given you a verbal offer over the phone), you can officially enter your Clearing choice in UCAS Track. 

You’ll receive an offer email from us with a link to UCAS Track, or you can log in to UCAS Track directly. Adding your course in UCAS Track confirms your application. You must do this within the timeframe set out in the email we send you. 

If you aren’t registered with UCAS, give us a call on +44 (0)20 8223 3333 and an adviser will talk you through the steps.

Step 4: Confirming your place

You’re in! Your enrolment details will be sent to you via email and we’ll see you in September. 

You don’t need to reply to a Clearing offer. Once you’ve added the choice, we’ll confirm your place in Track. 

You can find out about next steps once your offer has been confirmed on the Accepted page

Student finance and Clearing

Once you have accepted your offer through Clearing you should apply for student finance, or if you have already applied then make sure you update the details of your university and choice. 

More information on fees and funding can be found on our pages here.

UCAS Clearing FAQs

Is it too late to apply for university?

It is not too late to apply to university for study this September 2020. Many universities continue to recruit students up until the end of September. There are also courses with available starts in February.

Can I go to university without A-Levels?

Yes, it is possible to be accepted for university without A-Levels. Many courses will take other qualifications into consideration as well as work experience and placements.

How lenient are universities with grades?

Universities can be quite flexible when it comes to grades and there is always the option to study a foundation degree before progressing on to a bachelor’s degree. 

Can you apply to Clearing before results day?

You can apply through Clearing before results day if you already have your A-level results from previous years or you are studying a BTEC and have received your results before August 13. Clearing opens in July and universities can take applications directly or through UCAS.   

Do I need UCAS for Clearing?

No, you don’t need UCAS to apply for a Clearing course as some universities, including the University of East London accept direct applications.  Find out more

When will UCAS confirm my place?

UCAS Track will update on results day, August 13 2020 and after you have made your application. You can also call the university of your choice to see whether they will accept you. 

How do I get in touch with UCAS?

If you need further help with understanding the Clearing process contact UCAS on their Clearing phone number 0371 468 0468. 

For more information visit our Clearing FAQs page.

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