Supporting you during your studies 

To access support during your studies at UEL, you need to attend an appointment with the Disability & Dyslexia Team. This appointment is to discuss your individual support requirements. We encourage students to contact us as soon as possible to avoid a delay in accessing support.  

To book an appointment, please contact our Student Hub on 0208 223 4444. You can also, email your availability to We are offering appointments face to face, by phone and video call (Microsoft teams).

If you need any support for the appointment such as a BSL interpreter, please let us know when booking.

Support available

We offer support in a range of areas, for example:

  • Exams and assessment i.e. extra time for exams and course work certificates
  • Library support i.e. extended library loans and alternative formats
  • In class and teaching support i.e. access to support workers and materials in advance         
  • All support is tailored to your individual need and diagnosis.  

In discussion with you, we would create a Teaching and Learning Support Requirements (TLSR) form. With your permission, this form is then sent to your school so they can put the recommended support in place.  

What you need to set up support 

To set up support, we would need evidence of your diagnosis. Please see our disability and medical evidence page for information on the evidence we can accept. 

You will also need to book a registration appointment by emailing or calling the Student Hub on 0208 223 4444.  

It can take some time for us to set up your support. It may not be possible for all the recommendations to be put in place immediately. For example, examination arrangements and one to one support​​​​​​​. Please see our exam and assessment arrangements page for further information on deadlines for arranging exam support.  

Additional support

In addition to support from the disability and dyslexia team, UK (home) students can apply for Disabled Students Allowance (DSA). This is a Government Allowance (Grant) which provides Equipment, Travel, and Non-Medical Helper support (i.e. mentoring and tutoring). All support is recommended following an independent Needs Assessment. Please see our information on Disabled Students Allowance.  ​​​​​​​

There is also a range of support available to all students at the university. Please visit our page on support for all students to find out about the other teams at UEL who can help​​​​​​​.  

Support we can't provide

We offer a range of academic support to ensure you can access your studies. Where required, we engage with social and care services to facilitate daily living support. However, we cannot make recommendations in this area. Such as recommending or funding carers or major adaptations to accommodation (i.e. installation of hoist). 

These types of recommendations must be made by your Local Authority Social Care Team. You should provide them with the Disability and Dyslexia Teams contact email ( as soon as possible. 

Confidentiality and sharing information

To set up support for you, we will require your consent, no information about your support requirements or disability is shared with anyone without your permission. You can tailor your consent to ensure we only share this with people and services you are comfortable with.  

If you have any concerns about sharing your disability or support, please discuss this with an adviser.  

We will hold information relating to your condition for a maximum of six years from your course start date. If your course / studies are longer than six years, DDT will hold records until one year after your graduation. All records will be stored electronically and at the end of the period outlined above, will be deleted.

Contact Us

Please email any questions to or book a drop-in appointment. 

Booking a Drop-in or Registration appointment 

To book an appointment please contact our Student Hub on 0208 223 4444. You can also, email your availability to We are offering appointments face to face, by phone and video call (Microsoft teams). ​​​​​​​

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