Welcome to PGCE Primary Applicants

The  PGCE  Primary is a partnership course; it has been written and developed in collaboration with Schools and Local Authorities.

Much of your time will be spent in schools, observing teaching and learning, considering how the theory of education and the practice observed work with each other and, of course, working with children in classroom settings.

You will be studying in a diverse community of students. You will have the opportunity to develop your experience of working with children in a range of settings, including the inner city environment. Many themes such as equal opportunities, multilingualism, meeting the needs of children with special educational needs underpin most modules. The teaching year begins in September and ends in July.

You'll attend five days a week and spend the equivalent of 24 weeks in schools. 


Interviews will be conducted via Microsoft Teams.
Please download the Microsoft Teams App and we  will send you a link for your online interview. You will receive this approximately 2 working days before your interview date.
Please ensure you accept this invitation to confirm your attendance.
If you unable to attend, you can decline the invitation and re-book in the Applicant Portal.
Due to high demand for this course you should try to attend the original date you booked as we cannot guarantee future dates will be available.
The email will contain a link which states 'Click here to join', which you will need to do 10 minutes before the start time of your interview.


You will need to have a camera and microphone for the interview. If your laptop or computer does not have this, you can use your smartphone or tablet
Please also ensure you have a valid form of photo identification, such as a passport or driving licence.
You will also need to have completed and submitted the Student Suitability Declaration Form before the interview which you will have received a separate email for.
You will also need to upload copies of the following to your Applicant Portal using the link sent to you:

  • Degree Certificate
  • GCSE English Language certificate (or equivalent qualification)
  • GCSE Mathematics certifcate (or equivalent qualification)
  • GCSE Science certificate (or equivalent qualification)


The entire interview process lasts about an hour. It will consist of the following tasks: 

  • a task to assess your subject knowledge in English
  • a task to assess your subject knowledge in Mathematics
  • an individual interview
  • a presentation (see below).

Before the interview you must research a current educational issue. You must prepare a five minute presentation on the issue that you have chosen.

You must present at least two different viewpoints on the issue and you must acknowledge the sources that you have used (this means that you must tell us what sources you have used to research your issue).

Your presentation will be a verbal presentation, but you may bring notes to help you (you do not have to memorise your presentation!). You may provide a hand out for the interviewer if you want to, although you do not have to, and you will not be able to use anything else in your presentation (for example you will not be able to use PowerPoint.).


Our aim is to find out as much as we can about your attributes, skills, knowledge and understanding in order to shape training opportunities for you, should you be offered a place on the programme.

Your responses to these tasks and activities will be considered alongside all the other evidence to assess your suitability for the PGCE Primary course.

During the individual interview you will be given the chance to talk with a tutor about the course and any other issues that are relevant.


We will notify you of the outcome of your interview through the DfE Portal and through email. You will be required to accept/decline your place within 10 working days. If you receive and accept a place at UEL you will be given additional tasks and reading to do over the summer term in preparation for staring in September.


Please use the ‘Contact Us’ tile in your Applicant Portal - you have been sent an email with a link to access.


Teacher trainees may be entitled to receive a bursary over the duration of their ITT study, ranging from £4,000 to £28,000.  The level of bursary that trainees are entitled to is dependent on the subject in which a trainee wishes to teach and the grade of their highest, relevant academic qualification.  

Further information is available on our Funding webpage.

If you have any questions, please contact out Student Money Advice and Rights Team (SMART) on +44 (0)20 8223 4444.

Preparing Yourself Before You Start

Read our guide below which includes journals, book recommendations and helpful links to prepare you to study the Primary teacher training course.

Begin preparing before starting your course