The courses listed below hold accreditation from Professional Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs). A condition of this accreditation is that applicants for the course are required to declare any criminal convictions or health issues that may affect their ability to complete the work placements necessary to qualify in the profession.

What do I need to do?

Click on the course you have applied for and complete the student declaration form.  You must return it to Admissions before your interview.  You must do this by uploading it to the Applicant Portal, using the link in the email you received.

What happens if I do not submit this form?

You can not receive an offer until you have submitted your declaration form and it has been reviewed by the Admissions team.

What happens if I declare a criminal conviction or a health condition?

Your declaration form will be referred to the academic team responsible for admission to the course. The team will review the form and may contact you to request that you take part in a further interview to discuss the details of your declaration. If the team are satisfied that your declaration does not prevent you from completing the course, they will instruct Admissions to confirm your offer.

Do all declarations lead to a rejection?

No. Your academic suitability will be assessed separately to any declaration that you make.  A rejection based on your declaration will only be reasonable if the thing you have declared prevents you from completing the required work placement.

Is there anything else I need to know?

If you chose to accept an offer, you will be contacted about completing a full Enhanced DBS check and, depending on your chosen course, a full medical questionnaire. The timescale for this varies by course but in all cases a DBS must confirm the contents of your declaration form before you can be put on your work placement.

Student Declaration Forms

Choose the course that is relevant to you to download the appropriate form: