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Admissions 2020: current applications and offers

Uncertainty around coronavirus can be worrying. We are still open. Read our FAQ

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Current applications

Faq: current applications and offer holders

Thank you for applying to be a part of our diverse east London community. 

FAQ: current applications 

Question: Once I apply - are offer-making processes as normal, in terms of timeframe and response?
Answer: We are doing our best to ensure we process applications and make decisions as quickly as we can. However, given the current situation in the UK we may face some delays as our Admissions team face new challenges and adapt. We normally aim to respond in 48 hours but that could be about 5 days now.

Question: If I have already applied and don't have an offer yet, what can I expect and when?
Answer: We are working as hard as we can to process all applications as fast as possible, if you are applying as a UK student and you have not received any communications from us for more than 10 days please request a call back.

Question: I need an interview for my course, how will that work?
Answer: We have now moved all of our interviews online. If you need to undergo an interview as part of your application we will be in touch with details. 

If you are in the UK and have not had an interview confirmed within 10 days of applying please request a call back

FAQ: Offer holders

Question: If I have an existing offer, do I need to do anything / will UEL contact me?
Answer: We are sending regular communications to all of our applicants as we know this is an uncertain and anxious time. If you have any specific questions or want an update on your offer you can request a call back.

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