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Live on the most stunning campus in the heart of London. Join the UK's leading university for Civic Engagement where you benefit from world-leading research, first-class teaching and fantastic sports facilities. It's where Team USA was based in 2012  for the London Olympics.

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  • practise while studying

    Complimentary books and electronic books for all your classes, plus state of the art library 

  • popular destination

    London is the most popular study destination for international students 

  • save money and time

    Earn a bachelor's degree in three years, and a master's degree in one year

Meet us in the USA

We will be visiting the following cities this Spring:  

Date  City
April 2018 Los Angeles, California
April 2018  San Francisco, California 
April 2018 San Diego. California
April 2018 Austin, Texas
April 2018 Dallas, Texas
April 2018 Houston, Texas
April 2018 New York City, New York
April 2018  Jersey City, New Jersey
May 2018 Chicago, Illinois
May 2018 Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Team UEL will be travelling throughout the States this April and May, visiting schools, universities and attending fairs. They will also be hosting information sessions and afternoon teas (see full list below). Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to meet us in your city! 

Anaheim, CA, Sat 21 April 2018: Register 
Secaucus, NJ, Sun 22 April 2018: Register
Pasadena, CA, Wed 25 April 2018: Register
San Diego, CA, Thu 26 April 2018: Register
Long Island, NY, Thu 26 April 2018: Register
New York City, NY, Fri 27 April 2018: Register
San Francisco, CA, Sat 28 April 2018: Register
Chicago, IL, Thu 10 May 2018: Register
Arlington, VA, Sun 13 May 2018: Register
Minneapolis, MN, Tue 22 May 2018: Register

If you can't make any of these events but still want to meet with us, register your interest now! 

'The lecturers inspire me'

Hear Brianna's take on University of East London. 

Brianna Ortega studies Creative and Professional Writing. Learn more by watching the video.

Useful Information

My year at UEL was incredibly giving. I learned so much and made lots of great friends. I love to stay in touch with UEL. As an alumna, I have a special connection with the University and love to give back to the place that has opened so many doors to me
Susanna Halonen , MSc Applied Positive Psychology
Susanna Case Study
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