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Central Asia

Located in one of the most well-connected areas in London. A stone's throw from London Bridge, East London is a hub of; art, culture and innovation. This is reflected in our programmes and career services, as we ensure students are prepared for the rapidly-changing world and the digital future. 

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  • 139 Nationalities

    Meet students from all around the world, whilst getting a global education in Europe's hub of innovation.

  • Careers Passport

    Earn online badges and build a digital portfolio that will be your passport to future employment.
  • Work Experience

    Benefit from placement year options on many programmes and gain valuable industry experience.




We accept: Devlet Lise Diploma/ Lise Bitirme Diplomsai with 70%


We accept: New State Matura (Matura Shtetërore) with an overall score of 7 in the 2 compulsory and 2-3 optional subjects


We accept: O’rta Maxsus Ta’lim To’g’risidagi Diplom (Diploma of Post Secondary Vocational Education) with ‘Excellent’ (A’lo) grades (average of 5)


We accept: Diploma of Specialised Secondary Education (Кәсіптік орта білім туралы диплом) with Grade 4


We accept: Year 1 of their bachelor’s/Licence degree with a minimum overall average of 65% (or 3.5, if 5 is max)


We accept: 4 year bachelor - Lisans Diplomasi with Grade CGPA 2.5


We accept: Bachelor’s degree (3 years, 180 ECTS) with a score of 7 or above


We accept: Specialist Diploma (post 1991) or a Magistr degree with ‘good’.


We accept: Bakalavr or Specialist Diploma with an overall grade of 3/4


We accept: Bachelors Degree with Grade 70-80% or 'Good'


To study at UEL you must demonstrate that your English level is at the standard for university study. We accept a number of different English language qualifications/tests for entry onto our courses, with IELTS being the most common.

We do not accept:

  • IELTS General
  • IGCSE / GCE O Levels in English Literature. Only English Language is accepted

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What our students say

From the application process till enrolment, the recruitment team and student ambassadors were instrumental in helping me make the right choice. There is so much emphasis on ensuring students are career-ready, that I feel very confident about my plans post-graduation.

Sevde Ozdemir, Turkey , Msc Guidance and Psychological Counselling

Meet your Recruiter

Mark Whitfield, International Recruitment Officer (Central Asia)

Like a lot of my students, I moved to London as an adult to broaden my horizon. Originally from Liverpool, London has been an exciting adventure and a great move for my career. The sheer diversity of London has been a wonderful departure from my bubble and is one of the reasons why I highly recommend students try living abroad at least once. I have studied abroad in South Korea myself, so I understand the importance of having someone help you navigate through process, so you can best enjoy your international experience.

Completing an application is one thing, but what happens next? How do you apply for housing, scholarships, possibly a visa? What do you need to consider when studying abroad? Don't worry, I'm here to help you take it step-by-step and anytime you need me, I'll only be a call or an email away!
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