The University has a hard-won reputation as a 'good' sports university. Since 2010 we have been working hard to promote physical activity and personal development through sport.

We are now setting out to build on our reputation and extend the impact of sport for all our students, staff and stakeholders, the university itself, and our regional, national and international partners.

This strategy is global in ambition and seeks to connect our practice in East London with learners, stakeholders and partners in the local, regional, national and international contexts.

In doing so, our excellence in this area will impact positively on student recruitment, progression and success, institutional reputation, and the dissemination of knowledge developed through our practice worldwide.

East London Global Sport Strategy Themes

Theme 1

Promoting and Facilitating Health Gain as a Precondition for Learning Gain
We will:

  • identify and remove barriers to participation in physical activity
  • provide accessible and inclusive physical learning opportunities
  • increase levels of physical activity across our learning community
  • measure levels of physical activity and track impact on learning
  • work with partners to enhance opportunities and facilitate health gain in local and global communities.


Four smiling students. One is holding a ball.
Basketball player about to hit the ball in mid air.

Theme 2

Accelerating Inclusive Talent - Wherever this is found
We will:

  • identify and remove barriers that limit opportunities for talent identification and development
  • work with partners to create new pathways to support performance - domestically and globally
  • support student athletes to achieve their dual academic and performance goals
  • develop expertise in student-athlete support and accelerate careers across multi-disciplinary teams.


Theme 3

Activating Healthy Spaces and Places
We will:

  • develop and maintain high quality facilities and services across our campus
  • ensure that stakeholders can be active as part of their 'everyday'
  • develop active spaces that are accessible to all members of our community
  • work with partners to develop and activate new spaces in our local community
  • develop active spaces as integrated sites of practice, linking research to practice.
Runner exercising by the river
Children holding hands in a circle

Theme 4

Utilising the Power of Sport to Transform Lives and Communities
We will:

  • work with partners who utilise sport as a vehicle for social development and change
  • develop new knowledge in 'sport for development', sharing impact locally and globally
  • create opportunities for students to work as coaches, mentors, volunteers and ambassadors in the local and global community
  • develop educational opportunities for children and young people by utilising sport as an outreach vehicle.

Theme 5

Developing the 'Mental Wealth' of our Community, Nurturing the Workforce of Tomorrow
We will:

  • support all students to develop core competencies in and through sport and physical activity
  • catalyse employability and career opportunities in sport and related sectors
  • provide opportunities for students to gain additional qualifications and credentials relevant to the sector
  • expand our network of partners who provide opportunities for students to gain practical experiences
  • support student-athlete transition to graduate employment.


Student workforce team. One student has her back to the camera listening to the team.
Two smiling students sharing a laptop.

Theme 6

Sharing and disseminating knowledge
We will:

  • create a flagship knowledge exchange vehicle - the 'East London Global Sport Institute'
  • develop academic programmes in 'global sport' to include experiential learning in partner institutions across the world
  • deliver a series of CPD and short courses to professional audiences in related areas
  • host major conferences and events that bring partners to East London
  • develop inter-disciplinary research and impact studies across subject boundaries.

East London Global Sport Strategy

The East London Global Sport Strategy is global in ambition and seeks to connect our practice in East London with learners, stakeholders and partners in the local, regional, national and international contexts.

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