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The Centre for Social Justice and Change (CSJC) is dedicated to undertaking policy relevant research on persistent and intersecting inequalities that contributes to the improvement of public policies nationally and internationally. Based at UEL's School of Education and Communities it brings together academics and students from across the University and other academic institutions as well as global networks of policymakers, NGOs and civil society groups.


Aims and work programme

  • To generate knowledge about persistent and intersecting inequalities to enhance global development outcomes.
  • To explore the contribution of multidisciplinary approaches (such as capabilities and human wellbeing, intersectionality and postcolonialism) to address global inequalities.
  • To develop policy-relevant research agendas in diverse country contexts.
  • To develop a network of researchers as well as a range of stakeholders for discussion of trends and policy developments in these areas.
  • To organise a programme of events and international seminars to profile relevant scholarship and support research impact.
  • To present research generated by CSJC to a wide range of audiences nationally and internationally, including policymakers, academics, NGOs and civil society organisations.

Seminar series


  • Tuesday 9 March, 5-6pm Isa Jolil, National Programmes Manager, Malala Fund. 'COVID-19: Adaptations to INGO Humanitarian and Development Programmes.'
  • Tuesday 16 March, 5-6pm, Chibwe Henry, Portfolio Manager- Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) at Comic Relief. 'NGO Adaptation in the Context of COVID-19: Reflections from a Development Practitioner'.
  • Tuesday 23 March, 5-6pm, Lesley Ann Foster, Executive Director at Masimanyane Women's Support Centre, South Africa.'The Impact of COVID-19 on Women: An African Community Perspective'.
  • Tuesday, 13 April, 5-6pm, Janet Seeley, Professor of Anthropology and Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. 'Lives Interrupted - Navigating Hardship During COVID-19 Provides Lessons in Solidarity and Visibility for Mobile Young People in South Africa and Uganda'.


  • Tuesday 3 November, 5-6pm, Rhodri Davies, Head of Policy and Programme Leader, Giving Thought.   'Civil Society in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Opportunities and Challenges of Emerging Technology for NGOs'.
  • Tuesday 17 November, 5-6pm, Alex Kent,  Strategy Director, Restless Development, 'Youth Power and What This Means for Global Poverty and Climate Change'.
  • Tuesday 24 November, 5-6pm,  Miriam Aertke,  Senior Field Coordinator, Sub-Regional Coordination Unit, UNHCR, 'Migration and Mobility in the Context of COVID-19: Insights from UNHCR on Venezuelans to the Caribbean'.

To join our email list please contact: k.e.wright@uel.ac.uk 


Visiting Professors and Research Fellows

Professor Atsushi Fuji  is a senior researcher and academic, Rikkyo University, Tokyo, Japan with extensive involvement and experience researching the third sector and social enterprises. He has co-authored five books on his area of specialisation as well as numerous articles in leading journals.

Andy Gregg  is chief executive of Race on the Agenda (ROTA). Andy has a long association with London voluntary organisations, particularly through management roles at the London Advice Services Alliance and Islington Voluntary Action Council, and trustee roles on London-wide bodies. He has been a community development worker, a volunteers' organiser, a community centre director, a freelance journalist and a philosophy tutor.

Andrea Kelmanson  is a freelance consultant working with has third sector organisations. Andrea was director for the National Centre for Volunteering, and Deputy Director: National AIDS Trust. Andrea has contributed significantly to policy and practice in the volunteering field, particularly in volunteer management, and has an established reputation in organisation development, and strategic consultancy.

Angus Ritchie   is a founding director of the Contextual Theology Centre in Tower Hamlets, a Centre for Christian engagement in community organising, with research and placement partnerships with Oxford, East London and Notre Dame Universities.  He is a member of the Chaplaincy Council at the University of East London. Angus is very active in East London with London Citizens.

Max Weaver  brings significant experience of teaching, research, knowledge exchange, administration and governance from his thirty years at London Metropolitan, London Guildhall, and London South Bank Universities, and at Kingston Polytechnic. Max was chief executive of Community Links and is very knowledgeable about the voluntary sector, the management of community organisations, and is an active trustee.

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