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Refugee Research Centre


Welcome to CMRB

The Centre for Research on Migration, Refugees and Belonging, based at the School of Law and Social Sciences of the University of East London, is led by Director Prof. Nira Yuval-Davis.

It brings together the interdisciplinary work carried out within the School, in the related areas of migration and refugee studies; diasporas and social cohesion; racism, nationalism and political religions; as well as citizenship, identity and belonging.

CMRB also collaborates with individuals, academic institutions and organisations outside UEL on research, conferences and seminars, in order to build knowledge on these crucial issues and provide a space for debate and creative thinking.

Disciplinary and methodological approaches employed by CMRB members demonstrate an enriching heterogeneity, ranging from history to ethnography, narrative analysis to performance, anthropology to cultural studies, and sociology to film studies.

In addition, all research seeks to engage with political and policy debates as well as more abstract theoretical concerns, and aims to involve research participants in various stages of the research work and the dissemination of results.

CMRB benefits from its unique location at the heart of East London, an area which has seen some of the highest rates of international settlement in Europe – historically and in the present day. The Refugee Council Archive and other related collections held at the university, also enhance the potential of the centre to be at the cutting edge of its field of study.

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Masters Programme in Refugee Studies

Masters in Conflict, Displacement and Human Security

The Archive is housed in UEL's new Library building. It is provided with integrated study facilities, dedicated seminar/workshop rooms, exhibition facilities, and access to a 500-seat theatre with cinematic facilities
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