Taster Sessions


See examples of our taster sessions below and the activities you can get involved in. 

Acting for stage and screen

Title: Introducing BA Acting for Stage and Screen at UEL

Description: Workshop and discussion


Title: Discussion of Design Process

Description: Architecture 360 degrees - Hear from current students! 

Architectural Design Technology (ADT)

Title: Architectural Design at the University of East London

Description: Presentation of current student work and Q&A 

Biological and Medical Sciences

Title: How do bioscientists investigate clinical problems?

Description: Come to our taster session in Medical and Biological Sciences. You will have the opportunity to interact with academic staff and students from the department, explore exciting topics that you would study within our degree courses and get a flavour of what studying at the University of East London is like.

Business Management, Entrepreneurship and Finance

Title: Business Management, Entrepreneurship and Finance: Adapting to dynamic business environments 

Description: External factors such as COVID-19 and Brexit are constantly affecting business environments. As a result, business need to be adaptable to changing circumstances. As an accountant, economist, financial advisor, marketer, human resource manager, data analyst, international business advisor or business manager; how will you respond to a changing business environment? How can you help your business gain a competitive advantage?

Chemical and Drug Sciences

Title: How are new medicines invented?

Description: Come to our taster session in Chemical and Drug Sciences. You will have the opportunity to interact with academic staff and students from the department, explore exciting topics that you would study within our degree courses and get a flavour of what studying at the University of East London is like.

Civil Engineering

Title: Demystifying Civil Engineering Education.

Description: Discover the practical aspects of our civil engineering courses and explore the extensive equipment and labs at the fingertips of our students. Explore everything from the engineering and computer labs, to the library, research and wider student support.

Computer Science and Digital Technologies

Title: How Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Big Data work together to shape the world around you.

Description: Pit your wits against your fellow students in our mobile application development challenge. You'll take your ideas for an innovative mobile application from the concept stage to the prototype design stage. You'll then have the opportunity to pitch your prototype to a panel of judges, dragons' den-style. Watch out Peter Jones! The challenge will be an ideal opportunity for you to meet some of your fellow students who will be starting their course at the same time as you.

Construction, Transport and Logistics

Title: Understanding of sustainability and its complexity in construction

Description: Understanding of sustainability and its complexity in construction - We are going to provide a real construction project question model to test the process of a real construction project.  


Title: Counselling Psychology

Description: Dr Fenia Christodoulidi is an experienced practitioner and Senior Lecturer on our BACP accredited Counselling degree. Join her to learn about the advantages of learning to integrate different models of therapy and get a flavour of the contemporary topics you will engage with when choosing to study counselling at UEL

Creative Writing

Title: Introducing Creative Writing at UEL

Description: Workshop & discussion

Dance: Urban Practice

Title: Introducing Dance: Urban Practice at UEL

Description: Workshop & discussion

Drama, Applied Theatre and Performance

Title: Introducing Drama, Applied Theatre and Performance at UEL

Description: Workshop & discussion

Early Childhood & Education

Title: Early Childhood & Education

Description: This session is a chance to learn about current students' experiences of the course. The lead lecturers will also take you through a short session that examines ideas around children and childhood.


Title: Conservation of Energy 

Description: Design of a line launcher/ball launcher based on the law of conservation of energy. 

Fine Art & Photography

Title: Fine Art & Photography for the 4th Industrial Revolution

Description: 60 minute Art School - Mini lecture - Fine Art & Photography for the 4th Industrial Revolution, 2x workshops.

Foundation for Architecture and Design

Title: Foundation for Architecture and Design at the University of East London

Description: Discussion of design process via students' design projects.

Graphic Design and Illustration

Title: Graphic Design and Illustration: Visual Communication for the 4th Industrial Revolution

Description: 60 minute Art School - Mini lecture - Visual Communication for the 4th Industrial Revolution, 2x workshops. 

Hospitality, Events and Tourism

Title: Reimagining & Reimaging: The DNA of Hospitality, Events and Tourism 

Description: We live in an increasingly globalised world and we need to ensure we're right on top of global trends and cultures - as well as sharing learning and new ways of doing things. In this session we will explore re-imaging and re-imagining hospitality, events and tourism from various points of view. 

Interior Design

Title: Interior design at the University of East London

Description: Offer Holders are invited into a virtual gallery space to show the potential of new technologies for your learning environment with an immersive experience + Q&A. 

International Development with NGO Management/Politics and International Relations

Title:  Global Challenges

Description: The world is currently facing multiple challenges in additional to a global pandemic - climate change, poverty and power imbalances in global governance and institutions. Our programmes address these challenges. They equip you with the intellectual and practical skills to understand them and make a difference.

Law, Policing and Justice

Title: Law and Justice in an Ethical Society

Description: Ethics is the study of man as a moral being i.e. one who is rationally able to distinguish between right and wrong. In this interactive session you will, in the setting of a 'virtual' court room, be introduced to some of the fundamental concepts of law and justice, including legal ethics and those values that specifically underpin the rule of law. Tutors will also be available to discuss Law, Policing and Justice courses and the career opportunities that a degree from UEL gives you


Title: Introducing Music at UEL

Description: Workshop & discussion

Performing Arts

Title: Introducing Performing Arts at UEL

Description: Workshop & discussion

Product Design

Title: Product Design at the University of East London

Description: Presentation of current student work and Q&A


Title: Introduction to Psychology Programmes 

Description: General Psychology: Dr Richard Ralley has a background in cognitive vision science. In this Introduction to Psychology, he’ll look at how visual perceptions and illusions help reveal how our minds work, and the questions they raise in Psychology.

Specialised Session (Developmental Psychology): Dr Sam Wass, who is an expert in childhood stress and concentration, talks about how technology use during childhood affects children. You can learn more about this on the Child Psychology modules and programme.

Specialised Session (Experimental Psychology): Professor Caroline Edmonds' expertise includes the effect of hydration on cognition and the long-term impact of difficulties experienced around the time of birth on cognition and brain structure. Join her to find out more about how drinking water affects memory and attention. You can learn more about these topics on the Child Psychology modules and programme

Specialised Session (Forensic Psychology): Dr Rebecca Gomm's research expertise includes trauma resilience, in relation to women who have engaged with the criminal justice system. Her current research interests include the development of professional resilience, for those who work within complex, and/or first response contexts. Join Rebecca to discuss the breadth and depth of work covered within Forensic Psychology as a discipline. You can learn more about this on the Forensic Psychology modules and programme.

Public Health

Title: Covid-19 and a journey towards academic excellence

Description: In the last year, public health has entered into our everyday discussions about what is COVID19, who is at risk, what can be done to prevent the spread of it? Public health makes vital contributions to these questions and also to questions on how we can improve population health and prevent this from happening again. Join the discussion to explore these themes and learn about the rich learning environment at UEL.

Meet the tutors you will be working with and interact with each other in an entertaining and stimulating way.


Title: Thinking and responding to COVID-19 inequalities as sociologists

Description: In this session we will consider the COVID-19 crisis through a range of perspectives from the social sciences on a local and global level. The session will give you the opportunity to discuss different aspects of the crisis and encourage you to think of possible policy responses.  

Social and Community

Title: Will COVID-19 cause a lost generation? 

Description: This session will look at the social impact of COVID-19 on communities. 


Title: Applied Sport & Exercise Science in Action

Description: Come to our applied sport in action taster session, where you will get the chance to meet and interact with other sports offer holders. Experience a taster session on an applied sport topic where you will be able to interact with academic staff from the sports team.

Teacher Training and Education

Title: Applied pedagogies in English and mathematics

Description: A taster session of the first three modules on the BA Primary Education with QTS, we will be looking at current applied pedagogies in the primary subjects of mathematics and English and how they can support students with diverse needs.