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Study outside Europe

The world is your oyster when you study internationally

  • Spread your wings and study abroad at one of our international partners for a semester or a full academic year
  • Broaden your horizons by living and learning in North America, South America, Asia or Australia.
  • Work with your programme leader to match your UEL modules to a similar programme abroad.
  • Pay no extra tuition fees, and receive student finance as usual.
  • No need to know a different language – but you could pick it up while you’re out there! Some of our partners have beginners language classes.

Study outside Europe, from the USA to Korea (via Brazil)

Take a look at our international exchange partners below. Not every partner is open to every subject area, so for more information on where your subject can take you contact

Australia      James Cook University (Business Intelligence, Information Systems, Design, Information Technology, Engineering, Planning, Geology, Marine Science,  Earth Science, Ecology)
Canada        Fraser Valley (Computer Information Systems)
South Korea Hanyang University (Engineering, Computer Science, Science and Convergence Technology, Design)
South Korea Korea University Sejong (Computer Convergence, Electronics and Information Engineering, Electro-Mechanical Systems Engineering)
USA            Northern Kentucky University

Australia               James Cook University (English, History, Multimedia Journalism and Writing, Media Arts, Music, Sound and Moving Image, Photography)
Canada                 University of the Fraser Valley (Arts, Fine Arts, Film)
South Korea  Hanyang University (Music, Humanities, Performing Arts, Communication)
South Korea  Korea University Sejong (Archaeology and Art History)
USA                     Columbia College Chicago (Drama, Theatre, Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Media, Dance, Film making)
USA                     Duquesne University (Liberal Arts, Music)
USA                     Northern Kentucky University (Film, Media, Cinema Studies)

Australia              James Cook University (Criminology, Business, Law, Accounting, Banking, Finance, Economics, Financial Management, Governance, Business and Society, Hospitality and Events Management, Human Resource Management, International Business, International Relations, Management, Marketing, Sports and Events Management, Economics, Planning)
Brazil                  Senac University, São Paulo (Hospitality and Tourism Internship)
Canada               University of the Fraser Valley (Criminal Justice, Business Administration, Agricultural Management, Trades Management)
South Korea        Hanyang University (Business, Economics, Finance)
South Korea        Korea University (Economics, Statistics, Applied Mathematical Sciences)
Uruguay              University of Montevideo (Business, Comparative Legal Systems, Accounting, Finance, International Business, Economics, Banking, International Economics, International Relations, International Trade, Law)
USA                      Duquesne University (Business Administration, Law)
USA                      Northern Kentucky University

Australia             James Cook University (Modern Languages, Education, Early Childhood, Professional Development, Social Work)
Canada               University of the Fraser Valley (Child and Youth Care, Protection Specialisation, Social Work, Adult Education)
South Korea       Hanyang University (Education)
USA  Duquesne University (Education)
USA                     Northern Kentucky University

Australia              James Cook University (Health Science, Human Services, Biomedical Science, Chemical, Exercise Physiology, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Biology, Veterinary Science, Sport and Exercise Science)
Canada                University of the Fraser Valley (Science) (Sports students – find relevant content by searching for Kinesiology)
South Korea       Hanyang University (Natural Sciences, Sports, Nursing, Medicine)
South Korea        Korea University Sejong (Chemistry, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Pharmaceutical Science)
USA        Duquesne University (Health Science, Nursing, Pharmacy,Biomedical Engineering)
USA                      Northern Kentucky University

Australia   James Cook University (Psychological Science, Occupational Therapy)

Australia             James Cook University (Politics and International Relations, Sociology)
Canada       University of the Fraser Valley (International Development)
Egypt  The American University in Cairo (Social Sciences)
South Korea  Hanyang University (Social Sciences, International Studies)
South Korea Korea University Sejong (Public Sociology)
Uruguay Universidad de Montevideo (International Relations, New Media and Society, Managing Cultural Diversity)
USA                     Northern Kentucky University (Social Sciences)

How does it work?

The International Exchange Timeline
  1. Research your international options. Look at which institutions appeal to you, and find the ones which have modules that match your options at UEL.
  2. Speak with your Programme Leader: check that the modules you like will fit into your UEL programme, and find out how going abroad will affect your degree programme.
  3. Fill out the Study Abroad application form (see below).
  4. If successful, you will be notified and nominated to your host university, at which point you will be invited to select modules.
  5. You will then fill out a Learning Agreement to confirm your modules and have them approved by your tutors at UEL.
  6. Have a great time abroad.


Applications to study abroad in the first term or the full year of the following academic year close on 28 March.

Applications to study abroad in the second term of the current academic year close on 30 October.

Apply through our online form >

Ensure that your programme leader signs off on your chosen modules in your learning agreement form which you can download, before submitting it to

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