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Why Social Sciences at UEL?

With a new US President and the promise of the UK leaving the European Union, our politics, societal views and individual lives are undergoing enormous and unprecedented change.

We at the School of Social Sciences, at the University of East London, will help you explore these key issues in depth, and unlock some of the mysteries surrounding Brexit, globalisation, leadership, migration, individual wellbeing, and the future.

Our school - one of the only dedicated Social Sciences schools in the UK - prides itself in developing our students to become critical thinking leaders in many exciting and ground-breaking fields, from creating and working in major non-governmental organisations and charities, to securing key positions in high profile private sector companies. We do this, by encouraging them to think differently, and we welcome you to do the same.

We place the employability of our graduates as the highest of our priorities, and will ensure through our programmes, co-curricular, leading study abroad and placement opportunities, and mentoring systems, that you will fulfill your true potential.

  • The only dedicated School of Social Sciences in London

    Most other universities combine other areas, sometimes unrelated to Social Sciences, whereas we have a dedicated School, meaning our focus is entirely on what we teach and we are focused on you as Social Sciences students. Our academics are dedicated active researchers in their professional areas of Social Sciences, and bring this knowledge and cutting-edge research in to the classroom for your benefit.

  • Highest student satisfaction in London

    Our courses have some of the highest student satisfaction scores compared to other London universities. For example, we are 5th in the UK for Global Studies student satisfaction according to the 2018 Complete University Guide, demonstrating that we are passionate about providing a welcoming and engaging experience

  • Relevant and ready for the real world

    Unlike other Universities, we are focused on the present and our courses constantly evolve and remain at the bleeding edge of our world, our society and us as individuals. We do not read textbooks from 5 years ago, our course syllabus takes place now, meaning that you will graduate with a completely modern, contemporary and up to date view of the world, which is great for employability.

Professor Allaine Cerwonka
Dean, School of Social Sciences

We feel privileged to be part of the cultivation of strong, creative, energetic members of society. If this sounds like who you are or who you would like to be, UEL can offer you an education suitable for the career and the world we live in today.

  • 2nd

    Ranked 2nd modern university in London for 'overall satisfaction' (NSS 2017)

  • 2nd

    Ranked 2nd modern university in London for 'teaching on my course' (NSS 2017)

  • 3rd

    Ranked 3rd modern university in London for 'academic support' (NSS 2017)