Doctoral Students and their topic areas (correct as of December 2019)

Amina Abdat: Teachers' Continuing Professional Development/ Comparative Education.

Ava Ade Abiodun: Nigerian mothers' perceptions of children with SEND in the UK.

Yemi Afolabi: Montessori primary education in 21st century England.

Abiola Akinyemi: Theorising Employability Programme Nigerian Universities: A Tripartite Stakeholders Interactional Analysis.

Adejoke Adewale Ogunkoya: A system analysis of early childhood education policy in Nigeria.

Louise Arnold: Education, Health and Care Plans and children's participation.

Banjo Aromolaran: Engagement, Learning, Achievement and Progression: Alternative Education Provision for Pupils with Medical Needs.

Alison Baker: Investigating the representation of social class in children's fantasy fiction.

Oran Blackwood: Autism and School Refusal Behaviour.

Leone Butler: Experiences of early years professionals achieving outstanding outcomes for OFSTED.

Sarah Butler: Non-hierarchical collaboration as a site of resistance within a marketised education framework.

Alain Codrington: English Academy schools: disadvantaged student inclusion and achievement implications.

Michael Cole: Critical Whiteness Studies in Higher Education: Autoethnography and Anti-Racist Praxis.

Rebecca Crutchley: Retrospective narratives of adults entering UK as child asylum seekers.

Paula Daines: Well-Being of Mature Trainee Teachers on Placement.

Tania Dorman: How to best prepare SEND pupils for life after school?

Kim Detjen: Understanding Interactions between Social Workers and Women Who’ve Experienced Domestic Abuse.

Cordelia Dunkwu: Autistic pupils in secondary schools and schools with special units.

Fatuma Farah: Examining perspectives on FGM among affected communities.

Olajumoke Fawole: Academic underachievement of mature female students in London universities.

Nigel Godfrey: Ethnographic Case Study Making Sense of the National Citizen Service.

Laura Hamblin: Child Abuse Linked to Beliefs in Witchcraft or Spiritual Possession in the UK Context.

Anthony Hudson: Exploring learning career and identity of access to HE teachers.

Evelyn Idio: Quality of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) provision.

Bushra Iqbal: Educational life histories and motivations of mature further education students.

Fehmida Iqbal: British South Asian Muslim females' experiences in primary education in east London.

Charline Jackson-Wade: An investigation into the dual positioning of black girls in the classroom.

Jawad Khan: Effects of Ethnicity and Gender on Education.

Laura McBean: Exploring Critical Whiteness in Physical Education

David Mackrory: Designing a pedagogy to support the development of entrepreneurial skills.

Vikki Manning: Social Class and the effect on HE.

Johannes Maronda: The contexts and practices of Academic Writing at University.

Nicholas Marsh: Exploring influences on social work interventions in an extra-familial context.

Hatice Murat: Fostering creativity through inquiry.

Dawn L Nasser: Evaluating the Montessori Method through the lens of a creative pedagogic practice.

Marcia Ogunji: Exploring factors which influence professional identity in midwifery / nursing educators.

Gautam Ramessar: Girls and Physics Education.

Corinna Richards: Initial Teacher Training in England - different routes, different impact?

Ashlea Rhoda Griffith: Support for autistic adults entering higher education.

Graham Robertson: Speaking Freely & Frankly in a School Context: A Foucauldian Approach to Schooling.

Athina Tempriou: Perceptions and knowledge of Greek-Cypriot primary school teachers about autism.

Tracey Schofield: ASD and autism in the early years.

Jeanette Scull: Developing curriculum for complex learners (PMLD).

Tina Sode: Understanding Educational Underachievement in White Working Class Pupils.

Keisha Ann Stewart: Literacy, identity, perspectives and attainment.

Clare Stockley: Changing PE practice at an autism school.

Benjamin Taylor: Pupil Premium Plus for Looked After Children.

Tracie Trimmer-Platman: An urban case study into open access youth work.

Sheeba Viswarajan: Effectiveness of practical work under the new GCSE curriculum.

David Wells: The gamification of learning in a secondary school setting.

Elizabeth Wilson: Exploration of teaching interventions on how graduate counsellors gain employment.