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In the very competitive real world, you need to make sure you are the most employable candidate out there. At the Royal Docks School of Business and Law, we give you that all-important edge.

At the Royal Docks School of Business and Law we pride ourselves on our differences.

Our students are different – we attract hard-working people from hugely diverse personal, business and cultural backgrounds, who know that a great career requires qualifications that are highly practical as well as academic.

Our teaching is different – you won’t find our niche courses anywhere else and we offer flexible ways to learn, such as part-time and Executive online courses.

Our outlook is different – we are based next to Canary Wharf and close to the City of London, the UK’s business capital. But our ambitions are global. Our students come from as far afield as China, India and the United States, and our staff move easily between the Royal Docks School of Business and Law, partner institutions and overseas campus courses all over the world.

Put these differences together and the result is a transformational learning experience, that provides excellence in research and a study environment that you just won’t find anywhere else.

About our School

1. Employability

The School’s priority is to provide you with a high quality legal and business education that enhances your appeal to employers. The employability of all its students is the focus of the school, with an eye on your future career. This combines an emphasis on the delivery of professional services with a community orientation. We want to deliver academic content that brings value to society.

2. A Unique Curriculum

We have developed a distinctive curriculum that encourages students to think about their careers and to shape their studies in order to maximise their employability in all courses. We use the skills training embedded in the curriculum to develop our students into reflective, creative potential employees who can demonstrate social responsibility and work-readiness.

3. A Professional Outlook

We get the most out of our students by putting learning into practice. We want our students to develop a professional mindset during their studies to help them apply their learning in their careers. We encourage an environment of high ethical standards, and believe that helping students to become great potential employees can be considered a cornerstone of our institution.

Professional Accreditations

My time studying Business Management (Marketing) at UEL allowed me to gain both theoretical and practical knowledge that has been extremely beneficial within the workplace. The network the course enables you to build is invaluable in the current employment market. The marketing industry is growing rapidly and UEL has prepared me to enter this industry confidently and successfully.
Helena Crabtree , BA Business Management (Marketing)
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