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UEL is one London’s leading centres for teacher training, offering highly successful courses for the primary, secondary and further education and training sectors. Capitalising on our east London location, we’ve earned an excellent reputation for working in partnership with schools to prepare teachers to work in multi-ethnic and multilingual urban schools.

    The Cass School of Education and Communities trains approximately 600 teachers every year. You will be joining a large department with a long and impressive track record and benefit from subject specific coaching and mentoring from experienced and expert practitioners.

    We work with more than 100 secondary schools across east London, offering you high-quality placements in schools, colleges and other educational settings. You’ll have the chance to work with learners from a range of backgrounds and cultures, including those are who disabled or have special educational needs, and those with English as an additional language (EAL).

    According to the most recent statistics for secondary teaching training, 94.1 per cent of our trainees were in a teaching post within six months of completing their course, which is ahead of the Initial Teaching Training sector across secondary subject areas (UEL data 2013-14).

Why us?

At UEL, you will be working among a diverse community of students as we strive to bring to east London a teacher workforce that reflects the multicultural local community. In fact, we’re the only initial teacher education provider in the country that meets the Equality and Diversity and Disability benchmark.

The purpose-built Cass School of Education and Communities at our Stratford campus was designed with input from our tutors. The design and equipment combine to provide an outstanding training environment.

UEL Docklands Campus

Our courses have been planned in conjunction with east London teachers and local authorities. The primary and secondary teacher courses are structured differently to each other but all of them are designed to enable you to become a confident, proficient and reflective teacher as quickly as possible.

So successful has UEL been in training teachers that our alumni include head teachers and senior managers. It’s highly possible that your school mentor on your teacher training placement will be a UEL graduate.

Learning By Doing


I was teaching to an outstanding level almost from the outset in a school with huge amounts of scrutiny, very high standards and constant observations.  My relationship with my UEL tutor was inspirational, not just as a mentor and coach but also as a model of what kind of teacher I wanted to be - supportive, firm, and engaging.
Nadim Dimechkie , Secondary History
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What we're researching

Andrew Read, Head of Primary Initial Teacher Education, has worked in primary schools in Tower Hamlets for more than 14 years. He has published articles collaboratively on independent learning, exploring ways in which learners in schools and in higher education can take greater ownership of assessment. His chapter on Reflective Practice is included in Sage’s Professional Studies in Primary Education.

The research interests of Warren Kidd, Leader of the Humanities and Social Science Secondary Initial Teacher Education courses, include a commitment to participatory and inclusive action research as a means of developing teacher professionalism and practice.

He is also co-leader of the Teacher Education Research Group (TERG) at the Cass School of Education and Communities. This provides a forum for informed debate and discussion on all aspects of teacher education, promoting the work of our dynamic group of teacher educators and researchers.

To foster a sustainable and inclusive research culture, all TERG events are open to staff, students and other interested members of the UEL Initial Teacher Education Partnership from local schools, colleges and professional organisations.

As well as producing a bi-annual periodical, Research in Teacher Education, TERG offers support for first-time and early-career researchers as well as opportunities for networking.

For example, TERG’s ‘buddy’ scheme teams up more experienced researchers with those new to the world of academic writing and contributes to the group’s successful output of journal articles, chapters in books and conference paper presentations.  

UEL Research