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Coronavirus Covid-19

Advice for students and staff

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A message from the Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Amanda Broderick 

Current situation

Page last updated 11 May 2020. 

The exceptional circumstances surrounding Covid-19 are testing us all on a personal, institutional, national and indeed global level. The University is rising to meet these challenges thanks to the remarkable commitment and adaptability of our whole community, including students, staff and partners.

We are monitoring the situation closely and will continue to ensure that we take action quickly, proportionately and responsibly as needed. We will continue to support our students and staff throughout the duration of this crisis. We are home to many thousands of students and staff from London, from across the UK and from around the world and our priority remains the support, safety and well-being of all.

If you have any general concerns or queries about Covid-19, staff and students can now access a specialist helpline by phoning 0345 053 6791. You can speak to trained, clinical staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 
If you have any University-related questions, please contact 

This page is regularly updated. Please use this as your main source of information about the University's response to Covid-19.

Message from Anulika Ajufo, Chair of the Board of Governors on behalf of the Board

On behalf of your Board of Governors, I would like to thank the University of East London community for all the hard work being done to both ensure our continued operation and to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our students and staff. We fully support these efforts and admire the fortitude and resilience of so many individuals in our (virtual) classrooms, residence halls, NHS placements and more. Our hearts are with you, and we will continue to work hard to support the University. We wish you the best.  

Our students

We appreciate that this is a worrying and difficult time and recognise many of you are understandably anxious, given the unprecedented circumstances the world faces with the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Teaching and learning has now moved online and all face-to-face assessments have been suspended until 31 July. 

The University continues to be here throughout to support and help you. For any queries not answered by our student FAQs, in the first instance contact the Student Hub – by phone (020) 8223 4444 or by email:

Students in halls of residence

Some student residents do not wish to or are unable to return home. For some students, our halls of residence are home. As such our Halls of Residence will remain open and our duty of care to all students and staff will be maintained accordingly.

Our staff

Most of our staff are now working remotely, continuing to provide excellent teaching and support services in these challenging times. We have set up new systems to enable business to carry on as normal as possible given the circumstances.

However, given the current disruption to ordinary lives please bear with us if it takes slightly longer than usual to receive a response. 

Read our staff FAQs.

Our campuses

Our USS and Stratford campuses are now closed. Docklands campus is open only to:

·      Anyone living in our on-site halls of residence

·      Staff and contractors providing essential on-site services, such as security, cleaning, catering and provision for the halls of residence

·      Staff and students with pre-arranged agreement to visit the campus.
General access to the Docklands library building has been suspended, though the library services remain operational and staff can be contacted via email or webchat. 
Also the reception areas, Knowledge Dock, SportsDock and the equipment store at Docklands Campus are now closed.

Prospective students

Admissions 2020: we’re still open

Despite the coronavirus pandemic – we’re still open. We are welcoming applications for September 2020 via UCAS. Adapting our Admissions policy to support applicants at this difficult time. Following up existing applications and offers.

This page is designed to give you clear advice and guidance on our updated approach to admissions. 

Government advice

On 10 May, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a "conditional plan" to reopen society and take England out of the current lockdown. Read the full text of his announcement.

The new guidance says that people who cannot work from home, such as in construction and manufacturing, should return to their workplace – but avoid public transport where possible, especially during rush-hours. 

A new Covid Alert System with five levels would govern how quickly lockdown restrictions could be eased. 

The government has issued the following official guidance on:

Please see our dedicated FAQ pages, which will be updated regularly to reflect the concerns of the University community and the evolving picture nationwide.
If you have any questions, please contact the University at