We offer a learning environment and culture that enhances the wellbeing of our community, enables people to be productive and happy and helps them to achieve their goals.  Our Campus Wellness Guide provides details of how we do this across all aspects of university life, including how respond and behave in respect of COVID-19.

When visiting campus, remember to 

  • Take a COVID-19 test before your visit - and twice weekly
  • Wear a mask in all indoor communal spaces, including teaching rooms. Check in using NHS Track and Trace and Safezone App
  • Get two vaccines and a booster when eligible 


Wellbeing support

The ongoing pandemic may cause some feelings of anxiety or nervousness amongst our student community and we are  dedicated to providing wellbeing support during these uncertain times.  We  regularly update our mental wellbeing page with the latest resources and our dedicated student wellbeing team are also on hand to provide confidential advice and support. 


Remember to



We continue to place the strongest possible emphasis on the health, safety and wellbeing of  our community and our Campus Wellness Guide offers a complete overview of our focus on wellness.

Monitoring infection rates

Our Infection Response Group monitors infection rates amongst the student and staff community. Active case data is reviewed on a daily basis, enabling swift  responses to any confirmed cases of infection. We are pleased to note low rates of infection across our staff and student groups.

Our location in the London Borough of Newham means we regularly review local infection rate and testing data, particularly when making decisions regarding the return of larger numbers of people to campus. We review this local data is reviewed weekly  with a member of the Newham Public Health team.

View our active case statistics.


A healthy campus

Although most legal COVID restrictions have eased in England, we remain committed to providing a safe and COVID-secure environment. As part of our Community Wellness Pledge we ask everyone to take responsibility to keep up-to-date on changes to Government and University COVID guidance which is updated regularly .

We are maintaining our enhanced levels of cleaning, ventilation and processes to keep our spaces safe and our community healthy.  A university-wide institutional risk assessment is routinely updated with safety guidance that impacts all campus facilities and events. Additionally, all on-campus events and activities are covered by local risk mitigations that have been subject to review by our COVID Risk Assessment group.

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