We offer a learning environment and culture that enhances the wellbeing of our community, enables people to be productive and happy and helps them to achieve their goals. Throughout the pandemic, we effectively managed to strike the balance between reducing Covid-19 transmission and protecting education and wider health impacts.

As we move through and out of the pandemic, we will manage Covid-19 in line with government guidance and our wider approach to endemic air-born viruses.

Protect yourself and others

We ask everyone to act responsibly and commit to our Community Wellness Pledge and follow these safety measures to help protect yourself and others:

  • Consider wearing a face covering in indoor, communal spaces
  • Get tested if you experience any Covid-19 symptoms and isolate if positive
  • Report positive test results to the university using the UEL Health Update Notifier
  • Continue to receive Covid-19 vaccinations as required, if eligible

If you live on campus, please notify the Residential Life team of any positive test results, who will provide immediate assistance and support. For any enquiries regarding isolation please email

Tiers of operation

The university will continue to keep it’s 5-tier model of operation to help us continue to adapt and respond to Covid-19 in the future. Currently the university is operating at Tier 0 with all teaching, learning and University services accessible on campus.

UEL is operating at Tier 0.

Teaching and learning

We are continuing to take forward valuable lessons from the pandemic and will continue to give our students a flexible approach to learning through our innovative Dual Delivery framework.


A healthy campus

We are maintaining our enhanced levels of cleaning, ventilation and processes to keep our spaces safe and our community healthy.  A university-wide institutional risk assessment is routinely updated with safety guidance that impacts all campus facilities and events. Additionally, all on-campus events and activities are covered by local risk mitigations that have been subject to review by our COVID Risk Assessment group.

Monitoring infection rates

Our Infection Response Group monitors infection rates amongst the student and staff community. Active case data is reviewed on a daily basis, enabling swift  responses to any confirmed cases of infection. We are pleased to note low rates of infection across our staff and student groups.

Our location in the London Borough of Newham means we regularly review local infection rate and testing data, particularly when making decisions regarding the return of larger numbers of people to campus. We review this local data is reviewed weekly  with a member of the Newham Public Health team.


Wellbeing support

The university continues to be dedicated to providing wellbeing support at all times and understands the long lasting impact that the pandemic may have had on mental health and wellbeing. We regularly update our mental wellbeing page with the latest resources and our dedicated student wellbeing team are also on hand to provide confidential advice and support. 

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