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September 2020 - Welcome back


In a Covid-secure environment, enjoy learning on our state-of-the-art campuses and flex between online delivery as if you were there in person.

We’ve invested and transformed the way we do things to give you the best start and leading the way education should be delivered. We’ve turned our classrooms on its head to give you increased careers-1st learning, increased flexibility and increased personal support and here’s how…

Our Central Learning Labs offer:

  • Live streaming – digitally connected seminar rooms, labs, simulation suites and practical spaces
  • Increased interaction and collaboration with your peers and academics
  • Enhanced virtual learning for all of your learning materials
  • Interactive-led learning activities and group work
  • Timetabling on-line in the cloud

Prepare, plan, practice and interact: be challenged, discover and explore new concepts and ideas, and above all be supported to achieve the knowledge, confidence and career of your choice.

Be part of a new breed of learners, get involved and be part of the future.


A message from the Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Amanda Broderick 


1. Our safety first – we will create a Covid-secure campus environment, keeping our community informed and empowered with the knowledge required to keep ourselves and each other safe and protected.

2. An inclusive, high quality learning environment – we will ensure that our students and staff are able to access, engage and deliver a high quality, careers-focused, student-centred learning experience, notwithstanding of individual or community health requirements.

3. Advancing careers 1st education & research – we will continue to build on our advances in developing Professional Fitness, Mental Wealth and the employability-readiness of our graduates. Our education and research are committed to make a positive difference to people and planet.

The University of East London Covid-Secure Campus guidelines are based on 5 safety principles and 15 core protections. Each of 8 environments have been identified that may form part of a University experience and the guidelines have been applied and adapted to each. We are putting into place both health protections and innovative solutions to enable our students to access the wide range of benefits the University experience provides. Everyone has a role in keeping themselves and their colleagues safe, so please follow these guidelines at all times.

Paul Drechsler, CBE, Chairman, London First

“Our world-leading university sector is an important jewel in London’s crown. Universities contribute much to the capital, including delivering ground-breaking research, fuelling the city’s economic performance and bringing in students from a diverse range of backgrounds to develop the skills they need to succeed.

That is why it is so important to keep London open to study.  Given the impact of COVID-19, this must be done carefully and safely. So it’s fantastic to see that the University of East London has put in place such a comprehensive set of guidelines and for achieving that on its campuses. Come the start of the new academic year in the Autumn, UEL will be ready for a great student experience.”

Why are we offering dual delivery?

We want you to have more control over your student life with a more personalised approach to how you want to study. Whilst social distance measures are in place we want to ensure you still have the opportunity to share, listen, post, like and talk to your fellow students and staff.

Some of you may not be able to travel straightaway, so we want you to give you the option of beginning your studies live online and have the reassurance that you can join us in person and on our campuses when you can. By offering our dual delivery model you can be sure that your studies will not be interrupted and the mode provides a safe way of flipping and flexing between on-campus and live online study to support your study/work/life.



Amazon Services Endorser

“Amazon Web Services (AWS) is pleased to support the University of East London in the launch of their dual-delivery educational model which provides an integrated learning platform (synchronously on-campus and on-line) for students. By hosting their Virtual Learning Environment in AWS Cloud, the University can ensure each student and educator has access to their learning modules whenever and wherever they need them. Our collaboration supports the University’s Vision 2028 to advance careers-1st education, reinforcing the digital skills agenda and increasing access to education through technology for all learners.”

Here's how it works:

  • Learning sessions will run on-campus at the same time as live-streaming online, allowing you to interact as if you were there in person. You can move smoothly between on-line and on-campus teaching.
  • You can interact and collaborate in-person and on-line in any of these live-streamed sessions.
  • Lab, rehearsal and practical on-campus sessions are scheduled in blocks with on-line options.
  • Live-streamed sessions will also be recorded , so you can login when you want, playback and watch from the comfort of your home and whilst on the go.
  • Academic and personal tutor support will be available to you both on-line and on-campus in bookable slots. This will include student support groups, drop-in sessions, online social events, progress check-ins and well-being.
  • On-line sessions will be tutor moderated so you can work collaboratively with your fellow students even if you are not in the same room
  • We are investing in key areas beyond your studies including our career services, library and well-being, to be available both face-to-face and online with many of these available 24/7.
  • We will offer a vibrant and safe on-campus social experience to support you in settling in and making friends.

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Benefits for you:

1. This best of both worlds approach puts you in control of your student life

2. A personalised learning experience

3. Meet and make friends for life, face-to-face and online, from day one

4. Connect and engage wherever you are and enjoy more tutor time

5. Outstanding careers and wellbeing support, both online and face-to-face

6. Enhanced IT and technical support with scholarships geared to help you online

Addendum to the Dual Delivery Educational Framework

We continue to respond to what is a very fluid educational environment due to Covid-19.

In our published Dual Delivery Educational Framework, students were informed that this is subject to change in response to changes in the wider environment. It also stated that both on-line and on-campus learning is available, where possible.

The UK government’s Covid-19 restrictions means that all on-campus capacity in the UK is reduced.

To ensure the safety of students, teaching on-campus will be delivered to a timetable of a maximum of two days per week per course/cohort. Overall teaching & learning contact time will remain the same as pre-Covid – as outlined in your programme/module specifications - although the balance between virtual and physical has been adapted to the current circumstances with 6 hours on-campus timetabled per week.

These 6 hours on-campus may include performance/practical opportunities, access to specialist equipment/labs and/or professional body vocational requirements. As such attendance and engagement on-campus, supports and enhances your on-line timetabled sessions.

The 6 hours is highly encouraged, and not mandatory.

The on-campus timetable has been established to ensure maximum value in students’ educational experience. If, however, there are individual restrictions or concerns about on-campus learning (e.g. health or visa issues), then students will be able to access their learning on-line with the caveat that their programme of study may need to be extended accordingly (due to practical requirements &/or other Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Body stipulations).

The University have produced an optimum model in the current circumstances and will support students according to their individual circumstances. They will not be academically penalised for individual circumstances impacting their ability to attend on-campus as long as overall attendance and engagement meets expectations.

Students are supported to empower their own learning journey through the new provision of weekly engagement data being provided to them via Track My Future (TMF).

Check out the Tiers of Restriction to find out if the University's current status is affecting your on-campus teaching.