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Professor Corinne Squire

Codirector, CNR

    Corinne is Codirector of the Centre for Narrative Research.


    Corinne Squire is Codirector of the Centre for Narrative Research. 
    The Centre for Narrative Research (CNR) is the leading international centre for narrative work in the social sciences. CNR aims to generate and develop innovative narrative research of all kinds, and to bring narrative researchers from all over the world into productive dialogue.
    Other scholarly activities

    Centre for Narrative Studies, (CNR) (Co-director)
    ESRC NOVELLA Research Methods Node (with the Institute of Education, London University)
    Editorial Board, Sociology
    International Advisory Board, Feminism and Psychology
    ESRC Peer Review College
    Member, Academy of Social Sciences
    Member, British Psychological Society (Psychology of Women Section, Lesbian and Gay Psychology Section, Qualitative Research Section), British Sociological Association, American Sociological Association, International SociologicalAssociation
    Member,Responses toInterpersonal Violence international network,

    For previous scholarly activities, please see CV.



    Selected publications Corinne's papers available in the UEL repository: ROAR 2014, forthcoming. What is narrative research? Centre for Narrative Research (Squire, C., Davis, M., Esiin, C., Andrews, M., Harrison, B., Hyden, L-C and Hyden, L.).London: Bloomsbury

    2008. Doing Narrative Research. with Andrews, M. and Tamboukou, M. (eds). London: Sage.

    HIV in South Africa: Talking about the Big Thing. London: Routledge, 2007.

    Public Emotions, ed, with Perri 6., Susannah Radstone and Amal Treacher. London: Palgrave, 2006.

    Reading Narratives, in 'Contemporary Social Theory' special issue of Group Analysis, eds E.Burman and S.Frosh, 2005.

    Can an HIV positive woman find true love? Romance in the stories of women living with HIV, Feminism and Psychology, 2003.

    Stories of narrative, with Molly Andrews, Shelley Day Sclater and Maria Tamboukou, in Qualitative Research Practice, ed. Jay Gubrium, Clive Seale and David Silverman, 2003.

    White trash pride and the exemplary Black citizen: Counter-narratives of gender, "race" and the trailer park in contemporary daytime television talk shows, 'Counter-Narratives' Special Issue, Narrative Inquiry, 2002, 12, 1: 155-172. Reprinted in C.Krinsky and J.Panish (eds) Multiculturalism in American Television, forthcoming

    For other publications, please see CV‌

    2013. Three letter lives: Living with HIV in the era of treatment possibility. London: Palgrave Academic and NGO discounts available: US/Canada UK/rest of the world

    2013. Doing narrative research, with Andrews,M. and Tamboukou, M. (eds). London: Sage. Second edition.

    2013. ‘”You are here”: Visual autobiographies, cultural-spatial positioning, and resources for urban living.’Sociological research online

    2013. 'Visual autobiographies in East London: Narrratives of still images, interpersonal exchanges and intrapersonal dialogues’, with Esin, C. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung/Forum: Qualitative Research 14, 2,

    2012. ‘Narrative and the gift of the future’. Narrative Works 2, 1: 67-92.

    2012. ‘Narratives, connections and social change’. Narrative Inquiry 22, 1: 50-68.

    2010. ‘Being naturalized, being left behind: The HIV citizen in the era of treatment possibility’. Critical Public Health 10, 4: 401-27

    2010. HIV Technologies in International Perspective with Davis, M. (ed) London: Palgrave






    Psychosocial Studies
    Narrative Research


    PS1202 Psychology in Practice
    PS3235 HIV in the World
    Graduate programme, Narrative Research