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Dr Tummala Rama Krishna Reddy

Senior Lecturer in Medicinal Chemistry and Programme Leader - MSc Pharmaceutical Science

Medicines research, School of Health, Sport and Biosciences

Reddy is a Senior Lecturer in Medicinal Chemistry, Programme Leader of MSc Pharmaceutical Science and a member of Medicines Research Group. He has previously worked as a Lecturer in Medicinal chemistry at the Department of Pharmacy, University of Hertfordshire (2012 to 2015) and as a postdoctoral research fellow in Medicinal chemistry and Drug design at the University of Nottingham for over 5 years. This project was funded by Cancer Research UK. Reddy obtained his PhD in Medicinal chemistry at the University of Sheffield, funded by the Department of Health, UK. M.Phil (research) in Computational drug design at the University of Nottingham and M.Pharm in Pharmaceutical chemistry at the IIT, BHU (India) funded by University Grants Commission (UGC), India. Reddy worked as a formulation chemist at Alkem laboratories, Daman (India), after his M.Pharm.


    Reddy has expertise of working on drug discovery projects involving rational drug design, synthesis and lead optimisation of small molecules.

    His current research interests are in medicinal chemistry aspects of neglected tropical diseases.

    Reddy uses various drug design strategies to understand how the structures of active derivatives of lead compounds/hit compounds interact with targeted receptors and guide the synthesis. Various drug design strategies that are used in his lab for the compound design are structure based drug design, Pharmacophore based drug design, Lead hopping, In-silico DMPK studies.

    Research/Professional Related Activities

    Student-led teaching awards 2018: Nominated as Best Lecturer

    Student-led teaching awards 2017: Nominated in two categories - Best Lecturer and Best Personal Tutor

    Delivered Guest lectures (2016) at the Department of Life Sciences, University of Bedfordshire.

    Student-led teaching awards 2016: Nominated as Best Dissertation/Research Project Supervisor.

    Number of PhD completions - 1
    Dr. Asma Inam Ullah (February 2016 -January 2020): Currently working (part time) as a Lecturer at Coventry University.

    Reviewer of the following Journals
    Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters
    Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
    Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy

    UK-PharmSci 2010, The Science of Medicines’ APS best poster award from GlaxoSmithKline (Medicinal chemistry session)


    • Instituto Oswaldo Cruz Brazil


    Identification and validation of the mode of action of the chalcone antimycobacterial compounds.

    B. Anagani, J. Singh, J.P. Bassin, G.S. Besra, C. Benham, T.R.K. Reddy, J.A.G. Cox, M. Goyal.. 2020. The Cell Surface. 6, 100041..

    Identification and Preliminary Structure-Activity Relationship Studies of Novel Pyridyl Sulfonamides as Potential Chagas Disease Therapeutic Agents

    Raiza Brandão Peres, Asma Inam Ullah, Ludmila Ferreira de Almeida Fiuza, Patricia Bernardino Silva, Marcos M Batista, Olivia Corcoran, Tummala Rama Krishna Reddy, and Maria de Nazaré Correia Soeiro.. 2018. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters. 28, 2018-2022.

    Identification of Pyrazolo[3,4-e][1,4]thiazepin based CYP51 inhibitors as potential Chagas disease therapeutic alternative: In vitro and in vivo evaluation, binding mode prediction and SAR exploration

    Ludmila Ferreira de Almeida Fiuza, Raiza Brandão Peres, Marianne Rocha Simões- Silva, Patricia Bernardino da Silva, Denise da Gama Jaen Batista, Cristiane França da Silva, Aline Nefertiti Silva da Gama, Tummala Rama Krishna Reddy, Maria de Nazaré Correia Soeiro. 2018. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 149, 257-268..

    Design, Synthesis and SAR Exploration of Trisubstituted 1,2,4-Triazoles as Potential Inhibitors of the Annexin A2-S100A10 Protein Interaction.

    Reddy, T., Li, C., Guo, X., Fischer, P., Dekker, L.. 2014. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry. 5378-5391.

    Three-Dimensional Pharmacophore Design and Biological Screening Identifies Substituted1,2,4-Triazole Compounds as Inhibitors of the Annexin A2-S100A10 Protein Interaction.

    Reddy, T., Li, C., Fischer, P., Dekker, L.. 2012. ChemMedChem. 1435-1446.

    Design, Synthesis, and SAR Exploration of 1-Substituted 4-Aroyl-3-hydroxy-5-phenyl-1H-pyrrol-2(5H)-one Analogues as Inhibitors of the Annexin A2–S100A10 Protein Interaction.

    Reddy, T., Li, C., Guo, X., Myrvang, H., Fischer, P., Dekker, L.. 2011. Journal of Medicinal chemistry. 2080-2094.

    Patent: Preparation of pyrrole derivatives as S100 protein binding interaction inhibitors for treatment of cancer and other diseases.

    Reddy, T., Li, C., Fischer, P., Dekker, L.. 2011. Patent application has been filed by the Cancer Research Technology Limited (UK), Patent No. WO2011092505.

    Cy5-labeled S100A10 tracer used to identify inhibitors of the protein interaction with annexin A2.

     Li, C., Reddy, T., Fischer, P., Dekker, L.. 2010. Assay and Drug Development Technology. 85-95.

    Structure-based design, synthesis, and SAR exploration of pyrrole-2-one analogues as inhibitors of the annexin A2-S100A10 protein interaction: potential anti-angiogenesis therapeutics.

    Reddy, T., Li, C., Guo, X., Fischer, P., Dekker, L.. 2010. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology. 1373-1374.

    Synthesis and Evaluation of a Focused Library of Pyridine Dicarbonitriles Against Prion Disease.

    Guo, K., Mutter, R., Heal, W., Reddy, T., Cope, H., Pratt, S., Thompson, M., Chen, B.. 2008. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 93-106.

    Mechanistic studies leading to a new procedure for rapid microwave assisted generation of pyridine-3,5-dicarbonitrile libraries.

    Guo, X., Thompson, M.J., Reddy, TRK., Mutter, R., Chen, B.. 2007. Tetrahedron. 63 (24) 5300-5311.

    Library Design, Synthesis and Screening: Pyridine Dicarbonitriles as Potential Prion Disease Therapeutics.

    Reddy, TRK., Mutter, R., Heal, W., Guo, K., Gillet, V.J., Pratt, S., Chen, B.. 2006. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 49(2), 607-615.


    • HSB school funding


    • Rational design and synthesis of novel therapeutics for the treatment of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus infections
    • Design and development of potential drug candidates for the treatment of Chagas disease.
    • Kinetic solubility assays for the drug like molecules        

           MSc by Research or PhD Projects in medicinal chemistry
    •  Self-funded students are invited to discuss the opportunities with Dr. Reddy


    • Delivered Guest lectures on Drug Discovery and Development at the University of Bedfordshire; PhD External Examiner; Students nomination 2016: Best Dissertation/Project Supervisor; ‘UK-PharmSci 2010, The Science of Medicines’ APS best poster award from GlaxoSmithKline (Medicinal chemistry session)



       BSc Bioscience

       BSc Chemistry

       BSc Pharmaceutical Science

       MSc Pharmaceutical Science 


        Foundation course: Chemistry of Life

        Level 4: Essential Chemistry

        Level 4: Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry

        Level 5: Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery

        Level 6: Pharmaceutical Analysis and Instrumentation

        Level 6: Natural Product Chemistry and Drug Design

        Level 7: Drug Discovery, Design and Development

        Level 7: Advanced Pharmaceutical Analysis & Quality Control