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Dr Nash Popovic

Senior Lecturer and Program Leader in Integrative Counselling and Coaching  

Beside being a lecturer, Nash is also a Personal Consultant in private practice and co-founder of Personal Wellbeing Center as well as co-author of Personal Consultancy, a model for integrating Counselling and Coaching

    Besides being a lecturer, Dr Nash Popovic is also an educational consultant and a personal consultant in private practice. He received his PhD from the Institute of Education, London. Nash has developed the Personal Consultancy framework and co-authored 'Personal Consultancy – a Model for Integrating Counselling and Caching'. Nash is also a co-founder of Personal Well-being Centre, a not-for-profit social enterprise dedicated to promoting the well-being and growth of individuals, organisations and communities as well as AICTP (Association of Integrative Coach Therapist Practitioners).


    • Integrative one-to-one practice
    • Personal Development in Educational Institutions 


    Selected publications

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    Personal Consultancy
    Integration of Counselling and Coaching
    Personal Development
    Wellbeing Education, Personal and Social Education


    • GC7604 Core Counselling Theory and Practice
    • GC7605 Counselling Application
    • GC7606 Evidence-based Coaching as a Part of Integrative Practice
    • GC703 Personal Consultancy

    MSc / PGDip in Integrative Counselling and Coaching