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Dr Sarantos Marinakis

Senior Lecturer in Inorganic and Physical Chemistry

Dr Sarantos Marinakis holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry. He studies the dynamics in collisions in Physical and Inorganic Chemistry using theoretical and experimental techniques.

    I studied Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry (University of Athens, Greece), then an MSc in Physical Chemistry at the same University and then completed a DPhil in Physical Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Oxford (UK).

    I worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh, UK) and Pierre & Marie Curie (Paris, France), and University of Oxford. I joined as a lecturer the Queen Mary University of London in 2013, and the University of East London in 2018. I became a Senior Lecturer in July 2019.

    My research investigates the dynamics in van der Waals' system of open-shell (radicals) complexes using high-resolution spectroscopy and quantum scattering calculations and the properties of supercritical gases. This work has direct applications in astrophysical chemistry, combustion and materials science. More recently, I started to work in inorganic systems that are related with arts and archaeology, and with calculations on biologically relevant compounds.

    Dr Sarantos Marinakis became a Fellow of the Higher Educations Academy in 2015, member of the American Chemical Society in 2009, member of the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2001, and member of the Greek Society of Chemistry in 1997.
    Referee for:
    EPSRC-UK, Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships, RSC Foundation undergraduate summer research bursaries, Proposals for GRNET High Performance Computing Services, for Books (OUP, Pearson), for many scientific journals.


    I  Ab initio quantum mechanical calculations of van der Waals complexes 
    Astrophysical chemistry 
    Cold molecules 
    Experimental and theoretical studies of gas phase collisions 
    Experimental and theoretical studies of nitric oxide complexes 
    Neutron scattering and molecular dynamics simulation of supercritical fluids
    Studies of indocyanine green, and antibiotics 
    Terahertz spectroscopy
    Inorganic pigments in paintings & archaeological chemistry


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    2019 Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC); 'Watching the birth and death of chemical  bonds with pulsed neutrons: The case of nitric oxide'; Awarded

    2019 UEL Internal Internship; 'Monitoring the air-pollution in the most affected areas in Tower   Hamlets, London'; Awarded £3545

    2018 Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC); 'Microscopic structure of nitric oxide (NO): A comparison between experiments and theory'; Notional value £38.16k

    2017 Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC); 'Microscopic structure as an evidence for a new thermodynamic boundary in supercritical CO2: A comparison between experiments and theory'; Notional value £114.48k

    2016 Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC); 'Local intermolecular structure and dynamics in binary supercritical mixtures'; Notional value £127.7k

    2016 European Cooperation in Science and Technology - COST, Chemistry and Molecular Sciences and Technologies (CMST) CM1401; Awarded 750 €

    2015 Centre for Public Engagement, QMUL; Awarded 200 GBP to prepare a podcast

    2015 Science without Borders; Awarded 1200 GBP to train Brazilian undergraduate student in chemistry research methods

    2014 UK National Service for Computational Chemistry Software; Awarded 95000 CPU hours

    2013 Lockey Committee travel bursary to attend a Conference

    2012 Lockey Committee travel bursary to attend a Conference

    2012 Oxford Supercomputing Centre; Awarded 25000 CPU hours

    2011 University of Athens, Greece (computational time and software for studies of biological molecules)

    2011 UK National Service for Computational Chemistry Software; Awarded 71000 CPU hours

    2011 Oxford Supercomputing Centre; Awarded 3500 CPU hours

    2010 British Council-Platform Beta Techniek Programme in Science to collaborate with Prof. Parker’s group (Nijmegen, NL)

    2008 Collaborative Computational Project on Molecular Quantum Dynamics (CCP6) travel bursary to collaborate with Dr Althorpe's group (Cambridge, UK)

    2008 British Council support to develop a collaboration with Dr Bassi's group (Milan, Italy)

    2007 British Council-NWO Partnership Programme in Science (PPS 883) to collaborate with Prof. Stolte's group (Amsterdam, NL)

    2001-2005 D. Phil. scholarship for studies abroad (awarded after competitive written examinations) from the Greek State Scholarships Foundation (IKY)

    1998 Award based on performance from the Greek State Scholarships Foundation (IKY)


    Ab initio calculations of van der Waals complexes, density functional theory calculations and infra-red/Raman/ultra-violet/visible spectroscopy of biologically relevant molecules (nitrosyl complexes and dyes), inelastic scattering, laser induced fluorescence, microwave spectroscopy, molecular astrochemistry, molecular dynamics simulations, neutron scattering, polarization spectroscopy, quantum-mechanical scattering calculations, quasi-classical trajectory calculations, reaction dynamics, and transport and relaxation properties of supercritical fluids



    BS4110 Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry
    BS5116 (formerly PP5016)
    PP6009 Research Project