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Dr Alpesh Maisuria

Senior Lecturer;  Cass School of Education and Communities

International Centre for Public Pedagogy

Alpesh's expertise is in education policy and the critical sociology of education

    Alpesh's research is based on the neoliberalisation of education and specifically academic labour.

    Senior Lecturer Education Studies

    Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies (JCEPS) Deputy Chief Editor

    Editorial Board for Educational Theory

    International Advisory Board Member International Conference on Critical Education (ICCE)

    Co-convenor of Marxism and Education Renewing Dialogues (MERD) seminar series

    BA Hons Education Studies

    MA Education: Culture, Language and Identity (Distinction)

    PgCert Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (HEA Fellow)

    PhD Sociology of Education

    External Examiner Bradford College

    Visiting scholar at Goteborg and Uppsala universities, Sweden

    I have previously held other vising roles in Japan and Australia


    Alpesh Maisuria is a Senior Lecturer interested in social class, educational policy, Marxism. His current research (with colleagues in Australia, USA and Sweden) is based on the neoliberalisation of education and specifically academic labour. He also has expertise on ideology -Swedish social democracy /Cuban communism and education policy.

    Alpesh’s doctoral thesis (UCL's Institute of Education) focussed on social class in Sweden.    

    Alpesh is available for media interviews on issues of educational policy and reform, particularly academies, testing and the class based-nature of schooling and universities.
    Also, see the interests tab and google Alpesh Maisuria.



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    £5000, 2015 Civic Engagement Funding for Student Transformations Project exploring the politicisation of BA Education Studies students at UEL  (with Tom Boronski and Ayo Mansaray)

    £10,000, 2013 Sweden and Social Class consciousness project, Funded by Anglia Ruskin University

    £3000, 2006 Learning and Teaching Excellence funding, University of Wolverhampton


    Academies/Free Schools, testing, league tables, de-professionalisation of educators

    University student fees, marketisation of HE

    Social class, Marxism, Socialism, Cuba

    Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party, Blairism/Thatcherism

    Sweden, social democracy

    Alternatives to capitalism



    Comparative Education

    Sociology of Education

    Debates in Education


    EdD and PhD teaching and supervision