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Dr Hanieh Khalili

Lecturer in Pharmaceutics


Dr Khalili  did her BSc and MSc in Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry in Iran. She then accomplished her PhD after completion of MSc in Drug Delivery at the UCL School of Pharmacy when she earned highest distinction on the MSc course. Her PhD was partially funded by PolyTherics for which the project was designed on PEGylation of antibody fragments (Fabs) using disulphide bridging method. Characterisation, conjugation and modification of several therapeutic antibodies  (such as bevacizumab, trastuzumab, infliximab) were studied during her PhD studied.  Dr Khalili did a postdoc research associate  between UCL School of Pharmacy  and Institute of Ophthalmology working with Profs Steve Brocchini and Sir Peng tee Khaw. The key focus of the post-doc was on development, and formulation of antibody mimetics such as bispecific antibodies and fusion proteins to modulate ocular healing after surgery and to develop dosage forms to inhibit inflammation, angiogenesis and fibrosis generally within the eye.  

Dr Hanieh Khalili


    Antibody and protein formulations

    Antibody modification and conjugations

    Bispecific antibodies

    In vitro inflammation assays


    • UEL
    • External
    • test
    • UCL Institute of Ophthalmology
    • Visiting Scientist
      UCL School of Pharmacy


    A simple and rapid spectrophotometric method for the determination of ultra trace amounts of thallium (III) with 4-(4'-N,N-dimethylaminophenyl) urazole as a new reagent

    Khalili, H., Rafiee, Z., Rezaei, B., Mallakpour, Sh.. 2005. Ann Chim. 897-903.

    Antibody fragments: Prolonging circulation half-life special issue-antibody research

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    Invited book; Chemical and genetic modification

    Farys, M. Ginn, C, Badescu, G., Peciak, K, Pawlisz, E., Khalili, H., Brocchini, S.. 2013. Wiley.

    Comparative binding of disulfide-bridged PEG-Fabs

    Khalili, H., Godwin, A., Choi, J., Lever, R., Brocchini, S.. 2012. Bioconjugate Chemistry.  2262-2277.

    Fab-PEG-Fab as a potential antibody mimetic

     Khalili, H., Godwin, A., Choi, J., Lever, R., Khaw, P. T., Brocchini, S. . 2013. Bioconjugate Chemistry. 1870-1882.

    Fc-fusion mimetics

    Khalili, H., Khaw, P. T., Brocchini, S. . 2016. Biomaterials Science.

    PEGylation and its impact on the design of new protein-based medicines

    Ginn, C., Khalili, H., lever, R., Brocchini, S.. 2014. Future Med Chem. 1829-1846.

    Storage stability of bevacizumab in polycarbonate and polypropylene syringes

    H.Khalili, G. Sharma. A. Froome, P.T. Khaw, S. Brocchini. 2015. Nature-eye. 820-827.


    Early Career Research Award, UEL, 2016-2017

    Travel Grants, Biochemical Society, 2016 


    Drug delivery; ocular delivery

     Formulation of antibody-based medicine (High concentration formulation, stability and aggregation studies)

    Antibody mimetics; modification and conjugations

    Bispecific antibodies; Fc-fusion protein

    In vitro inflammation assays



    Pharmaceutical Sciences, BSc and MSc