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Dr Aaron Kans

Principal Lecturer

Architecture, Computing and Engineering (ACE)

I am a Principal Computer Science Lecturer and currently Head of Undergraduate Computing programmes. I am also the author of several text books that are used both nationally and internationally and the winner of the Best Lecturer award at the UEL Student Led Teaching Awards.

  • EB 1.104, Dockland Campus
    School of Architecture Computing and Engineering (ACE)
    University of East London
    4-6 University Way
    E16 2RD
  • +442082232593

    I have been at UEL for over 10 years and have taught at all levels within our set of computing programmes, largely in the area of software engineering. I have co-authored three text-books, which are widely used throughout the UK and overseas. I am currently the link tutor for our oversees collaborations with FTMS in Singapore and Malaysia as well as being the Head of Undergraduate Programmes in Computer Science and Informatics. In 2016 I was voted the Best Lecturer at the UEL Student Led Teaching Awards.


    My research interests lie in the area of Software Engineering, specifically Formal Methods; Safety Critical Software and Computer Science Education.

    C. Imafidon,  A. Kans,  A Edoh, “A Clinical Information System Optimisation Framework using CMAUT",
    icirest 2010 Innovative Research In Engineering And Technology; August 2010;

    C. Draganova, A Kans, S W Lee, Intelligent Feedback to Enhance The Student Learning Experience in Scholarship in Learning, Teaching and Assessment, UEL (2010)


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    "Java in Two Semesters (3rd Edition)"



    Charatan, Q and Kans, A.. 2009. McGraw-Hill.

    Formal Software Development (From VDM to Java)

    Charatan, Q and Kans, A.. 2004. Palgrave Macmillan.

    "Using ABC to Prototype VDM Specifications"

    Hayton, C and Kans, A.. January 1994. ACM SIGPLAN Notices. pp27-37 .



    My research involves the development of safety critical software from formal specifications. I have had several papers published in this area.
    I am also interested in comparative programming paradigms.



    CN4102:  Introduction to Software Development

    CN6120: Formal Methods

    CN6103: Final Year Projects 

    BSc Computer Science

    BSc Computer Networks

    BSc Computing for Business

    Recent scholarly activity has resulted in the publication of three text-books, which are widely used for teaching of software engineering both in the UK and overseas.

    Q Charatan and A Kans, Java: the First Semester, McGraw-Hill 2001
    Q Charatan and A Kans, Formal Software Development, Palgrave-Macmillan 2004
    Q Charatan and A Kans, Java in Two Semesters, (3rd edition) McGraw-Hill 2009

    The second edition of Java in Two Semesters is also available in a Mandarin translation.