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Dr Stephen Hobden


School of Education and Communities

Stephen's key research and teaching area is International Relations theory. He has a particular interest in posthuman thought and Critical Theory

Dr Stephen Hobden

    My research is in the area of international relations theory, and can be divided into two phases. In the earlier phase, my research focussed on the possible relationships between historical sociology and international relations. In particular, my research investigated how both disciplines employed the notion of system, and whether there was the possibility for a fruitful dialogue between the two. More directly, my purpose has been to encourage a re-engagement with history by theorists of international relations.

    More recently, I have been working collaboratively with my UEL colleague Professor Erika Cudworth on a project, originally founded in complexity thinking, which we now call posthuman international relations.

    I currently teach courses in International Relations theory at levels 4, 5 and 7. I have previously taught courses on a diverse range of subjects including International Organization, the foreign policy of the United States, China, and the global trade in illegal drugs.


    Critical International Relations Theory, Posthumanism



    Books - single authored

    International Relations and Historical Sociology: Breaking Down Boundaries

    1998. Routledge.

    Books - joint authored

    The Emancipatory Project of Posthumanism

    with Erika Cudworth. 2017. Routledge.

    Posthuman International Relations: Complexity, Ecology and Global Politics

    with Erika Cudworth. 2011. Zed.

    Books - edited

    Posthuman Dialogues

    with Erika Cudworth and Emilian Kavalski. 2017. Routledge.

    Historical Sociology of International Relations

    with John Hobson. 2002. Cambridge University Press.

    Recent Journal Articles

    (2018) 'Anarchism's Posthuman Future', Anarchist Studies, 26(1), 79-104, with Erika Cudworth.

    (2015) ‘Being ‘‘a Good Animal’’: Adorno, Posthumanism, and International Relations’, Alternatives, 40(3-4): 251-263.

    (2015) ‘The Posthuman Way of War’ (with Erika Cudworth), Security Dialogue, 46(6): 513-529.





    Undergraduate Teaching

    AI4304 International Studies

    AI5301 International Relations Theory Today

    Postgraduate Teaching

    AI7404 Critical Theories of International Relations